Returned to Jogging (C25k Week 10)


After week #4 of my recovery I decided to try returning to jogging, as the specialist said this would be okay.

I was very excited, but when I attempted that Monday my pelvic bone would have none of it. My body didn’t feel exhausted, but each step was sending pain up my leg to my pelvis. After 2/8 sets I decided that it would be better to simply walk the rest, as I limped for 20 more minutes.

The rest of the week I was leery to try running again. Instead of at least walking, I kind of avoided it and felt very discouraged.

Saturday, I decided to try again. I got all of the gear on, and began to coach myself again. Seriously, I wonder what my face looks like when I’m doing this self talk coaching. I imagine myself become very sassy, teasing and challenging my mind/body saying things like “You just did # set, c’mon, you can do one more. Oh you just finished that one, you are almost half way there. You can do this!” My leg was sore, but I realized that if I ran more on my forefoot (in my special spiffy Vibrams) that there was less shock/impact sent up my heels. By doing this I was able to complete Day 1 of Week 1. I couldn’t believe it! I literally “woohooed” again out loud in my neighborhood.

It was overwhelming to see the kind of recovery that God has given me. It was astounding to me that I’d not jogged/ really walked at all for 3 weeks, walked intentionally 3 times for one week, and then on the second attempt at jogging was able to re-complete was it’d taken 8 weeks or so of training to do previously! God has definitely designed our bodies to remember, which is incredible! :0) 5k in October, here I come!

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