Resolved in January.



We are 10 days into 2014 and yes, I’m just crafting resolutions now. The problem with resolutions for me is that unless they are super duper specific they don’t happen, and in order to create specific resolutions you have to be willing to actually commit to said resolutions. It is much easier to be introspective and simply daydream about the changes you’d make if you were brave enough to try.

Pinterest to the rescue! I found this great pin ! Instead of just having yearly resolutions, you pick something to work on each month. You can begin over each month, each day. She even designed these printables for each month, with the goal of printing it out and putting it somewhere visible. (Added bonus you can print them off, write your goals, check off goals, and add it to the scrapbook).

In January I will focus on organizing. Having specific locations for things means they are much more likely to be returned to those places. Each day/week will focus on a different area/aspect of organizing. Some of these will be planning and organizing goals in other areas. (Gives me more time to think of and commit to specific goals for future months).

January’s Goals (to be achieved in any order)

Organize Pinterest board about organizing (we all know its the first step). Organize photos. Develop a “system” for adding photos. Organize reading goals. Organize kitchen cabinets. Organize fridge. Organize chore cleaning schedule. Organize bedroom closet. Continue to scrapbook and organize memory stuffs from past years. Organize health and fitness goals. Organize goal races. Organize spiritual goals. Organize travel daydreams. Organize professional goals. Organize crafty goals. Organize under the bathroom sink. Organize meal plan system.

I’m really excited about getting my life “right” especially since I hope to be applying for counseling jobs in the future.

Also, I’ve chosen my “one little word” for 2014. Anchored. This year is about clinging to God, staying in His hope instead of the wavering-ness of the temporary things around me and my emotions.

I’m excited to see how this month wraps up. This means I’ll be able to report back next month how I did, taking this time to continue organizing my life, the apartment, and my future goals!

Let me know about your resolutions, we’ll encourage each other together!


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