Recompleted Week 1 (C25k Week 11)

This past week I was surprised to see that my body was able to push through to complete two more days of Week #1 Couch to 5k program!


Each instance my distance was less and less. The first run was about 1.5 miles, the next at 1.3 and the final one was only a mile. I know before that last run of that week I felt thirsty going into the run, which meant that I was already dehydrated.

But I did it! It is encouraging to know that each step is a testimony to my neighbors who remember how I couldn’t walk that first week.

This progress means that I can begin week 2 in the program, which is something I’ve never attempted before. I was supposed to start the day of the accident. Week 2 is characterized by jogging 1.5 and walking 2 mins. I’m interested to see how I’ll be able to do this.

Also, the end of the summer is nearing, so I’m wondering how my body will take to running in the colder weather. Wondering if I should start investing in capris and long sleeved shirts?

Finally, we can go ahead and sign up for the Run for Their Lives Race on Oct.12th! So excited!

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