Prepared to Jog a 5k (C25k Week #21)

So….my jogging training continued…even if my posts about it didn’t :-/ Right now I’m finalizing the awesome (awesome to the max) playlist for tomorrow’s race. Seriously? Where did the time go!!!

2013-10-11 21.34.50

Here is my epic Monstercat playlist:


Over the past several weeks I completed the training for weeks 5,6,7 and most of week 8. During that time my runs changed from short intervals to larger solid blocks of running. I figured that it would be easier to run these throughout the neighborhood, instead of running laps on the same road. A couple of times I saw other people jogging, and we cheered each other on; the running community is awesome (awesome to the max!).

Surprisingly, it was more challenging to push myself through those hills, not being as prepared for them…versus running multiple laps on the same road. In knowing where the difficult parts were it was easier to “zone out” into the run and push through those hills.

One of the most exciting moments was actually breaking 2 miles in my run time. The last time that I jogged, it was for 28 minutes and I reached 2.25 miles…a pretty awesome feeling.

Vacation at the beach affected my disciplined running schedule, as did the subsequent cold obtained via an adorable baby vacationing with us. So I’m skeptical about being able to jog 3.1 miles since I’ve never done that before, and its been almost 2 weeks since I last jogged. However, I also understand that there must be a certain level of conditioning for which you’re able to push through and stretch a little bit further…so I think I’ll be able to do it, albeit slowly, and that it’ll hurt afterwards.

No matter what I’m able to accomplish tomorrow I’d like to reflect back on some of the hurdles that have affected my training:

-Getting a cold after walking the other 5k

-Graduation/family visit

-Pushing through the intervals

-Car accident: breaking my back

-Rolling my ankle

-Decreasing summer light

-Guest visiting from out of town

-Beach trip

-Cold from beach trip

So I think it is safe to say that I’ve tried really hard despite everything that has affected my training. :0)

I’m grateful to be able to jog this race, and will do so as a testament of God’s grace and my quick recovery from the car accident. I’m just completely humbled. When I finish the race I might start crying.


2 thoughts on “Prepared to Jog a 5k (C25k Week #21)

  1. There’s always obstacles in preparing for a race. Just stay disciplined and know that your body can handle the pressure even if your mind thinks you can’t– running is 70% mental!

    • Thanks, Lexi! I always enjoy seeing your run stats. You just ran a long race, or are preparing to do one right? How did that go/how is that going?

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