Played Torchlight II Beta

Hello world, yes I am a geek (and I can’t even blame my husband because I was one before I met him).

As I kid I was largely a console gamer with my experience being in Nintendo 64 (best console ever!!), and Playstation 2 (gotta love me some cute purple dragon…and the versions of that game after Playstation made the whole series crash and burn).

Husband has an affinity for PC games instead of consoles, and really there is a ton of logic to this, after all the computer you can continue to upgrade. Meanwhile the console you just have to constantly buy the more advanced system. When we got married I quickly realized to the truth, that “if you can’t beat them, you should join them.” He spent a lot of time with PC games, so I figured “hey, maybe this is a way to get some relationship quality time in?” Torchlight was released the month that we got married and became one of those games that I was eager to try due to the amount of time my husband was absorbed in it.

I like games, a lot, but I can not say that I am great in them. I’m often handicapped by my inexperience for the controls (especially some first person shooters like Halo–pretty sure I died on the training mission because I had issues not staring at my feet!) So, I was hesitant to try the game, but try I did! I enjoyed the original Torchlight immensely! I even ended up beating the game before my husband. Of course the main thing that was lacking was coop. Then, in August 2010 they announce they’d be making the sequel.

Due to my novice in computer game world, I did not know that release dates could be continuously delayed. With regard to movies and books the release dates are stuck permanently upon announcement, and change rarely (and if then only once for six months later!). I’ve felt tortured and tortured, constantly annoying my husband with, “Is there an update for the Torchlight II release?” (believing that he’d have better connections/websites to find this information than I). To which he’d roll his eyes and tell me to google it.

But finally, after all of my waiting…I began to see twitter updates indicating that people were playing Torchlight II. It was in beta! Then, I saw it was a closed beta = sad face.

Commence my stalking of how to get a beta key. Then, it was announced, the beta stress test weekend! Happiness ensued, including the fact that at this point I’d be on my beach vacation and have time to play! (The only difficultly of that became the fact that the only computer we have with a windows distro (and even then only a dual boot- go Linux!) is husband’s work laptop. Given the fact that Diablo 3 was released previous to said beach trip…I’ve only been able to play twice. Here is my opinion in my short game play.
It rocks! I’d almost say that it was worth the wait ;0) (but seriously Runic Games…don’t make me wait so much next time…!) Improved functionality includes: there are 4 classes, and each of these can be either male/female, coop via LAN or internet, many more pets, pets can now buy a few requested items, and the environment is overwhelmingly more engaging.
I’ve been playing as an Outlander (as I played Vanquisher in the original game). There are also skill points (not just stat points) to divide between three different skill trees per class. I kept forgetting about my magical glaive attack throughout most of the game. Don’t do this! This attack is awesome. Once enacted the glaive will act like a boomerang bouncing between the enemies. This the probably the Outlander’s best way to defeat large waves of enemies. (And be helpful for even low level masses to defeat the groups quicker).
The aspect of the game that I’ve been impacted the most by so far is the enhancement to the overall game product. There are more places involved this time (you venture outside of the main town), and in each of these areas can be different types of weather, and different types of environments. However, the environments are interactive not simply static background. These include: moving mists, tiny spiders that are not enemies, rocks and boards that can be checked for loot, broken detonators that will be fixed upon discovering a plunger, and fuses that you can ignite to explode crates and set houses on fire.
I could not be happier with the game play that I’ve experienced so far! It has met all of my expectations and above. Throughout all types of game play this weekend, members in the beach house teased the group about all of the “clicking” due to the playing of dungeon crawler based games. One such person was gifted the original Torchlight through my husband’s steam account. This guy started playing in and continued to play it for a few hours. He said that he liked the steam punk style of graphics and game play. Win :0)
I hope to play one last time before the beta stress test weekend is officially over at 7pm my time. Then, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the full release…which with my luck will occur when I’m out of the country in July. I’m excited that husband and I will actually be able to quest together.
*looks forward to spending quality time together* :0)

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