Played “Sounds Like a Plan”

I love board games! I love the opportunity to find new and fun games. When my friends visited town this past weekend they brought this new game. It is really similar to “Apples to Apples” but involves an actual board and is much more structured (i.e. reduces much of the subjectivity).
How the Game works: You have yellow cards which are the “task cards” and you have the teal cards that are the advice cards. A person plays by picking up a task card and reads the three options. They are similar to the following: have tea with the queen, go skydiving, and a leak in the Hoover Dam. Then, the player rolls the dice. The roll will determine whether they will secretly pick the option they want advice for, advice from Grandma, advice from a child, best advice or worst advice. Then, the rest of the players play the advice cards (this is where the game is most similar to Apples to Apples). Those cards have various options like: get life insurance, let someone else go first, wear deodorant, take a lesson, bring your toolbox, etc. The player then, chooses the answer that corresponds to the roll and ranks them. Thus, the rest of the players earn points and compete to “finish” first.
I got to meet their new puppy!
Ranking and traveling around the board.
Picking up a yellow task card and the blue pawn is in the lead. hmm who might that be? :0)
Oh no! Blue has fallen behind!
And Blue takes back the lead!
Blue is much farther in the lead now…
Oh no! They are neck and neck!
Right at the finish line…what will happen????
Victory: my advice and the task for the advice.

I give this game an official 5 stars! :0)

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