Planned an April Showers Baby Shower

IMG_1435This is a much belated post!

In January, friends and I conspired to wish one of our favorite new Mom to Be a secret Baby Shower. Through Xtreme Impact, we’d come to admire our leaders, and were excited to watch them embark on this new phase in their lives. So we conspired! And can I say, planning a secret baby shower it much more difficult than one in which the future mom knows about! In our case, this was complicated further by our Mom to Be being the Administrative Assistant to her husband, and having all access to his email, etc.

Through facebook messages and a few in person meetings we were able to plan out a date in April, before all of the college students would be leaving for the summer. Her husband told her that they’d have a “special date” on a Saturday mid afternoon, and in our counseling office, I enlisted the help of the office manager to avoid scheduling her for that Saturday. At the time I hadn’t realized she was familiar with the scheduling software, to change her own schedule.

This made it difficult, I had to tell her “A birdie told me that they had a special date planned for her.” Then later, I felt bad about the confusion it had caused and sent her an apology text, to which largely indicated my plans to her. Even if the surprise aspect wasn’t a success, the future mom to be enjoyed herself :0).


We decided to create an “April Showers” theme using the colors yellow and green, since we didn’t know the gender of the baby. We’d heard that she was finding out a day or so before the party, and we all secretly hoped that she’d spill the beans to us.

Here are some of the picture highlights of this beautiful mommy to be (and due any day now) and creative aspects of the theme:


It is entertaining what you can do with some vases/clear glass jars, blue koolaid mix, and tiny yellow rubber duckies! Simple yet fun centerpieces and decorations.

IMG_1426 IMG_1425


We kept the food simple with a light lunch featuring: PB and J sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches (cut in halves to look a little nicer), pita chips and hummus, fruits, veggies , and desserts.

IMG_1444 IMG_1447 IMG_1470 IMG_1469 IMG_1493

Games included: “Protect the Egg” in which everyone must guard their egg (as if they were a mom), writing encouragement cards for the mom to be, and playing Baby Bingo while she cutely opened presents.  I like the idea of Baby Bingo because opening presents can be a very slow time for the guests, and can help take the pressure off of the gift opening as it can feel awkward.

Of course, my favorite part is always pictures! This Sunday School class room is one of the youth group rooms which a yellow beetle bug in the corner…its actually now gone due to renovations…but we took advantage of its placement for our photo booth activity. Supplies included: balloon bellies, apron, children’s books, and umbrellas.

IMG_1502 IMG_1491 IMG_1488 IMG_1486

The planning trio couldn’t help but take some cute pictures together.

IMG_1483 IMG_1482 IMG_1450

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