Planned a Networking Lunch

Week #26 of internship and the hour ratio have not changed very much since my last post: 99 hours of face to face, 13.75 hours of individual supervision, 12 hours of group supervision, and 285 hours of related activities for a grand total of 409.75 hours.

This week is pretty slow for me. But, I did get to attend a luncheon that has been my main office project the past 3 weeks. Basically, one of our constant projects is meeting with and networking with the local churches, to share about our services. This culminated in an open house meet and greet event. Due to short planning and the busyness of Pastors, we were excited over the turnout!

We introduced our counselors, shared about our specialty areas of counseling, a few counselors presented counseling models, and they were printed information about benefits of our counseling. I really feel like by the end they were very interested in what we had to offer!

Plus, it was an opportunity to wear the jacket my dad bought for me for graduation. I still need to get the pants hemmed, but I think the pencil skirt with my classic Payless heels fit the bill. My goal was to not look like an intern for the day. “What intern?”

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