Piloted a Dolphin Boat Tour

Part of my February Florida excursion visiting my dad involved wandering around the Destin Harbor. I loved hearing the sucking of the water under the pier and boats, and seeing the reflections. We also had some fun encounters with beggar pelicans trying to get the leftover fish scraps.

Florida 2014_582

Florida 2014_766

Destin Harbor is also home to tons of dolphin cruises! I was supposed to go on a dolphin tour in the 7th grade on a fieldtrip, but had to skip it for another event. I was excited for the chance to see these beautiful creatures in the wild.


Catching the critters was a game, the captain knew where they usually were, but also relied on all of the passengers’ eyes. It was a trick to see how quick I could scamper from the sides of the ship to photograph the dolphins, I did catch a few bruises on my thighs on the metal corners of the seats!


I truly felt like an adventurer, in my element, poised for the breaking of the water and signs of the beasts. Another woman watched me and said something to the effect of “you’re a good photographer” because of this intention :0).


Later, once the pilot cruised us further from the harbor and into open waters he called for anyone to want to steer the ship. I waited until someone older than me went, then asked for a turn.


I felt goofy trying to figure out how to steer the ship, I hadn’t been given lessons or anything, but I did get a pretty long turn as one of the last to ask and since my dad was chatting with the captain. I kind of ended up sort of turning the ship and not going straight not knowing what I was doing. But, hey, I got to drive the boat!

Bonus pictures:

SONY DSC Florida 2014_768 Florida 2014_569 Florida 2014_568 SONY DSC Florida 2014_565 Florida 2014_560 SONY DSC

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