Experienced Runner’s High (C25k week 7)

I’ve just begun workout 1 in week 7 (though still on workout plan day 1/week 1) and I may have actually experienced my first runner’s high!

Runner's High

This past week I was feeling pretty discouraged and bitter, in case you couldn’t tell in my last 5k training update. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t making the progress that others made. I talked to my best friends, and I scoured running forums. What I realized is that running is a hugely different experience for each person. On the forums some people really struggled with the 5k training plan, only a few really had it easy, and many hit a wall at some point at a certain minute mile, etc.

Among my best friends I was surprised at our varied experiences, given that we tend to be very similar. For one friend the biggest fight is making time for running, to choose to run, despite that once she’s doing it its easier for her to push herself, and often too hard, during her runs. My other friend (the one I did my color run walk with) said that for her running was her “me” time (her personal time while her young baby is sleeping) and that she felt accomplished after the run, though she did have to break through a mental wall.

For me, the easy part (surprisingly) has been to put on my running gear and discipline myself into running every other day. I honestly think it has more to do with wanting to use my “special” gear than a desire to work out. However, I struggle terribly during the middle of the run, and do not follow through till the end of the eight sets.

The last set that I did at the end of my 6th week of training (after my last 5k training post) I went ahead and told myself that even if I wasn’t jogging all the sets, that I was at least going to spend that time walking it.

I’ve done one running workout so far this week and it surprised me! I waited until the cool of the evening, as it had been humid all day, and figured I needed to get my bum in gear before the storm clouds broke the skies. The entire time I focused on my breathing and really did a lot of positive self talk. I soothed myself saying, “you can do this, I know you feel like you can’t, but you can. I know this first and second set hurt the lungs more, but that is because you are still warming up. I know your calves hurt right now, but that is because you are racing up an incline. It is okay to take it slower, as long as you keep on jogging, you’ve got this.” I completed 4.5 sets of jogging and had run 1.15 miles in 18 minutes when the rain was beginning to pick up speed. I didn’t want to quit, my body felt like it could keep on going, but I didn’t want to see my phone be ruined by a downpour, so I began my cool down walk towards the porch. I’d also heard thunder, and thought lightning may be coming as well.

Completing my cool down stretches on the front porch (actually on the sidewalk eagerly letting the sprinkles cool down my red face), I felt guilty for not completing what my body was eager to do. I felt regret wondering how much further I could have completed, especially seeing that the thunder was lightning less. Suddenly, it dawned on me. Yes, I was pouring in sweat, and my face felt like it was sun burned, but my lungs didn’t burn anymore like they first did when I started. My lungs felt surprisingly refreshed, like I was breathing deeper from them, stretching them in a way I’d never done before. I contemplated completing the last 15 minutes of the plan, feeling like it would be easier now that my body was fully warmed up. Then, the thought struck me that instead of feeling like I was dying, that little bit and felt like a warm up. I felt accomplished, like I was “ready” for the day!

I’d been arguing with my mind, telling it what it could do, and found that my body believed me!!! :0)

I am progressing, it just so happened that I could feel it Sunday night. I’ve got a couple more workouts this week, so we’ll see how those go. On one hand I’m excited, but I’m also nervous about expectations, knowing that there are a million and one things that may affect how well I can jog in a specific instance. But either way it is pretty awesome.

And, if that wasn’t enough…I learned that princess running tutu’s are definitely a thing! (I think many of these costumes are mostly worn at the Disney Princess Half Marathon, but they seem popular at general races as well). This crap just his critical mass! I feel a DIY post coming soon….


I found this fun picture of Belle running, and look, she is even wearing Five Fingers!

Finally, I was able to try out a new pair of running shorts from Old Navy for $5. I didn’t desperately need more, but for $5 it was worth checking out. They are a bit shorter than I like, but I like the plastic material as compared to the thicker cloth material. Also, these shorts are more form fitting around the upper part of your leg, and flair out to allow the running motion. Also, it was a good excuse to get vibrant yellow “please don’t run me over” shorts for running in the dark.

Neon Shorts



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