Owned an IWB Old Faithful Holster

Since I’ve been carrying fairly regularly over the past few years something I’ve struggled with is finding holsters that work well with the feminine body type, especially for conceal carry. I’d done some research, but most of the holsters are too expensive to easily try out to determine if it will meet your needs.

Luckily for me I live in a state in which open carry is allowed. Typically husband and I tend to openly carry our firearms around our local city in demonstration. We want to help normalize the presence of guns, as well as educate people about the defensive opportunities they can take advantage of. Also, in our state you need to apply for a permit to be “allowed” to conceal carry, meanwhile no permit is required to openly carry.

Recently I’ve been focusing on developing a more professional wardrobe, so it made sense to invest in a new inside the waistband holster and then get new slacks. Generally speaking one of the most commonly recommended inside the waistband holsters are crossbreeds. However, it had recently come to my attention that there was another brand that was just as concealable that were more economical!

The neat thing about Old Faithful Holsters is that you can purchase a holster in various stages of completion. For example I decided to order the “Stealth Tuck inside the waistband Hip Holster.” As a woman there is no way reliably that I would ever be able to conceal an outside the waistband holster, hence that order. Purchasing options include purchasing the holster in an “assembled stage” for $75, in a “Quick Assemble Kit” for $39.97. and finally to purchase as a “U Mold It” for $27.97. I was assured by a friend and a previous customer of these holsters that the “Quick Assemble Kit” was true to its name. So, I order a holster in that “stage” for my Glock 19. The best part? You can order the kydex in different colors! Naturally, I ordered it in pink!

Pink Kydex Old Faithful Holster

The holster arrived and husband went ahead and put it together for me. It didn’t take him very long at all. There are various “settings” and tilts you can angle the holster at to fit your preferences, husband went ahead and assembled the clips in the middle of the three locations. However, eventually we did move it to sink the holster deeper into the pants.

The company challenges you to wear the holster for 30 days and if you are not satisfied that you can get your money back. I wore my holster daily for a few weeks but was still feeling frustrated an impatient with the situation. At this point I’d been deciding to wear it in the small of my back as I thought that was the only place to hide the firearm bulge on my body. Wearing it in the small of the back is not only incredibly uncomfortable, but also not recommended due to potential spinal injuries that could result from falling on your hidden holster.

Husband recommended that I re-situate the holster behind my right hip, lining the first clip with the seam of my pants. I protested, I didn’t think I’d be able to hide it there. At this point we also positioned the clips in the highest of the three holes to sink the holster further into the pants. I wore the holster daily and in about 2-3 weeks the leather was conformed to my body.

Old Faithful Holster molded


Pink Glock Pink Old Faithful Holster

When I show people this holster one of their first questions is, “is it comfortable?” There are some posts I’ve seen in the gun community to the idea that “it doesn’t matter if it is comfortable, this is about your life and that is of utmost importance.” I agree that the focus should be on concealability and functionality, however that does not mean that comfort needs to be completely forsaken. For me, my main goal was actually being able to hide my midsize Glock on my person, and this was definitely a success (with some wardrobe necessities that I’ll describe in a later post)! This means that I can feel more secure knowing that my handgun is in quicker reach and safe from others being on my body instead of in my purse.

Concealed Old Faithful Holster 2

Concealed Old Faithful Holster

However, I can also say that this holster is comfortable! Is it comfortable like your body lying on satin, no, of course not that is an unrealistic option. There is a foreign object being pressed between your body and your pants, of course there is going to be some discomfort! This especially is dependent upon which type of outfit you are currently wearing, and the type of chair you are sitting it. Your holster can be perfectly situated, and then you randomly encounter a chair whose construction seems to purposely rub your holster and push it into your back during the Sunday school lesson >.<. Generally speaking though the holster itself is very comfortable, it is the handgun (and the grip of the handgun) that makes it uncomfortable. Thus a smaller Glock would likely feel more comfortable. Also, if I’m laying down on the couch and the metal clips have decided to shift throughout the day I’ve gotten my skin pinched in them before.

In summation, I love this comfortable holster so much! I love the fact that I’m not constantly bumping my arm on my plastic paddle holster. I love that I can hide a firearm on my person instead of only being able to have it in my purse and then feeling like I need to awkwardly drag the purse everywhere with me at a party. I love the price of this holster, $40.00 is much better than $75-80 for which the closest competitor offers this product. I love that I could girlyfy this holster and get it in pink! I love this inside the waistband holster so much I’m dreading going to open carry events where I’ll need to wear a different holster–I’ve gotten quite attached. Easily, I would recommend this holster for anyone looking for a good way to conceal their firearm on their person.

Pro-tip If you find that the holster is causing you that much discomfort especially through the break in period wear a muscle tank between your skin and the holster. Also, getting a belt specifically designed for wearing a firearm would likely help situate and balance the weight of the handgun better. Currently, I am using a walmart reversible belt. I would like to try these gorgeous dress belts from Flashbang Holsters http://flashbangholster.com/womens_holster_belts, but am unable to “try it out” for $65.00 for one in each black and brown at this time.

Pssst! Old Faithful Holsters usually run various promotions. I purchased by holster after the election during an “election sale.” The do offer discounts.

Tell a friend discount.

If you promise to demonstrate your holster to a friend and point them to our website, YOU AND YOUR FRIEND may use discount code 1friend for a 3% discount each.

If you promise to demonstrate your holster to 2 friends and point them to our website, YOU AND YOUR 2 FRIENDS may use discount code 2friends for a 6% discount.

Stay posted! I plan to share more with you about designing a concealed carry wardrobe (how to functionally wear an inside the waistband holster), as well as other holsters that I try out. I’m hoping to be able to find a good thigh holster (recommendations welcome) for skirt/dress carry.


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  1. The Well Armed Woman makes a Comfort Fit Thigh Holster with a garter. I’m planning to buy that one once spring comes around and I start wearing dresses and skirts again!

    • Yes! From my research that seems like the best inexpensive one. I hope to order one soon as we have random warm days in the winter. I did manage to wear my old faithful holster with a belt attached to my skirt. I felt very proud of myself!

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