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Ask my husband, I am a terrible pack rat. I’m hugely sentimental so I tend to collect anything that could have a memory associated with it. Seriously, sometimes this could be a receipt or candy wrapper. This means in my drawers I tend to have tshirts that I’ve collected from various organizations/occupations etc. I actually have a giant trash bag filled with tshirts from middle school, high school, and a few from college that I’ve saved in the hopes of turning them into a tshirt quilt! Some of these I preemptively cut into squares and they sat, waiting for me to get around to turn them into a blanket and find a sewing machine. Enter my friend LC and her new Etsy business “The Running Stitch.”


I’ve known LC since middle and high school, we even attended governor school together! We had our tumultuous moments as we explored the not so fun time of adolescence and high school, but we survived. We went to different colleges and so we fell out of touch. Recently though, because she’s also in the blogosphere, we’ve been back in contact.

Her husband is in the military, and so she’s moved often and struggled to find employment. Therefore, on their recent move to Cali she decided to turn her crafting inclinations into a business! Her shop is called “The Running Stitch.” The name is indicative of her sewing capabilities (as that is a type of stitch) and of her passion for Running. One of the main purposes of her sewing business is to help pay for race fees and running gear as it can get expensive.

In opening her business, LC decided to host a tshirt quilt sale, where they would be half off! Well, I couldn’t avoid that and hurriedly sent her my tshirts. I sent her my Xtreme Impact shirts as they were the quickest to organize together, and dearest to my heart at the time.

My Instructions

First of all, I must say that LC is simply a sweet heart to work with! Throughout the process she was quick to communicate with me sending facebook picture messages to double check before cutting. She would ask where to cut the design if it would not fit in the 12 x 12 square, and to make sure that I was okay with the layout. She even agreed to send me pictures of her progress throughout to feature it on my blog. (I’m currently living vicariously through her, since I can’t make it myself, but would like to learn one day).



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The quilt was finished within a few weeks of receiving the tshirts, even despite the fact that her sewing machine was malfunctioning. I returned home from surprising my inlaws for Turkey Day, to find the quilt at my door!


I’m impressed with the size. When we were planning it I asked for a rectangular shape, as I pictured myself  laying with it on the couch. It was hard to tell the actual length from pictures, but it is about as tall as I am, so perfect for cuddling with.


The back is a flannel blue plaid that she was able to find at a local craft store, again communicating via facebook to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the purchase. The flannel was a little bit more expensive, but is warmer. The buyer also has the option to purchase backing and send it with the tshirts, otherwise you’d be invoiced for it later.


One thing that I enjoy about the blanket is how light weight it is. This makes it easy to fold and store, but does not compromise on its warmth.

I am extremely satisfied with my order from “The Running Stitch” and I would happily order from her again. She understands the importance of such a customized product and she initiates questions, not waiting for you to feel neurotic for asking for a change in the layout, etc.

Make sure to “like” her facebook page as she will be announcing an “End of the World” sale soon!

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