Owned a Truck (Car Wreck Recovery Week #5)

At the beginning of the week husband was supposed to have a pretty important job interview. Due to flooding at said location they canceled on him. He was all dressed up with no place to go. So what does he do? Take his favorite girl on a dressed up dinner date, of course! I always want to get dressed up to go out, it was funny to see the role reversal this one time.


We decided that we would celebrate my “one month not dead day” as it was just about 1 month since the accident. It was neat to sit there simply having dinner, enjoying each other’s company.


Later that week a friend offered us a great deal on a truck, so now we have a second vehicle and the Buick is “officially” my car. (Though I keep referring to it as the husband’s car).

Husband has been wanting a truck for ages, and treated his poor Buick like one, partially the reason that it is falling apart.

The first thing that he did was go and buy a gun rack for the teeny white truck. Meanwhile, I’ve been brainstorming on ways to girlify the Buick to really feel like it is mine. I purchased one of those air freshener things that you can put in the vents. If I can’t make it pink, I can at least make it smell pink.


I’ve been continuing to heal, with very rarely any pain except in my pelvic bone, and was able to return to jogging with some pretty awesome results!

The weekend also include a fun visit with my former Italy teammate, so excited to see her return to the area for school soon!


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