Owned a Smart Phone!

Husband playing Pokemon on the gboy emulator

It is fitting that I would post about this tonight, despite that technically I’ve been the owner of a smart phone (specifically the Motorola Photon) for two weeks now. However, I’m pretty sure the main reason that husband was swayed into actually going ahead and purchasing them because we had two weeks to bring them back if they didn’t work (or we decided they couldn’t fit into our budget, etc.).

Two weeks ago I was stunned with husband randomly decided to take us to Sam’s Club to discuss with the representatives the possibilities for our Sprint plan. I have been basically dying for a smart phone or a device with internet at my finger tips. I am the kind of person who will wonder about a lot of different things and never remember to go look it up on Wikipedia later. Also, I think that people have been surprised that husband and I didn’t have smart phones, because for our technological skills you would assume we had them.

For those above reasons I had been basically hinting subtly and otherwise for our entire marriage of how we should get something with internet. I’d always say “well…if we had 3g…” This past summer right before I left for Italy, husband surprised me with upgrading my phone to an android device so that I could use it as a small WiFi device around the campus, etc. However, when he brought the phone home it literally had no reception (even less than our already sub parr phone reception) due to being in a basement apartment. So, after a couple of hours and even going to the Sprint store to figure it out, I was downgraded again to my dumb phone. Since then, I’d been pretty silent about wanting a 3g device, especially since I had my Kindle with free 3g on it in November.

Husband and I were obsessed with our phones (and probably still are) when we first got them. Staying up very late that night to download all of the apps that we wanted. I was hysterically happy when I found out that there are several book cataloging apps that use the camera to scan the bar code to input the information about the book. This phone also makes my job and internship hunting much easier. I have alerts whenever I receive an email. Plus, my social media is helped, I can quickly take a picture with an actual 8mp camera and within minutes upload it directly to dailybooth, twitter, or facebook. Husband is very creative using the app Subsonic to set up our media server (of music, tv shows, and movies) to stream to our phones. I was proud of this last feature while driving over to dinner at our friends’ apartment. I was watching Gilmore Girls, and figured I’d watch in and share the highlight of my Spring Break.

Little did I know that I what I thought was going to be the highlight of my Spring Break was quickly blown out of the water. I found one of our dear friends who had moved to Florida with one of my other best friends, sitting in the middle of the living room. I immediately started looking around for his wife, but knowing that he often travels for business without her. The husband moved, and I realized that she was sitting crouched under the back of the couch. I literally squealed in excitement. Then, they said that they were here because it two weeks they would be living here. I stared, shocked, confused, excited, and confused again waiting for more details. Found out that he had gotten a job that he’d been hoping for so they decided to move back here! This led to more squealing, flapping of arms, and hugging. You’d recognize them as being one of my bridesmaids and husband’s best man.

Pizza I topped! Also, stuffed crust!

That night for dinner we caught up and talked more than we had in such a long time. The husband and I are not very good at long distance relationships. It was so much fun to see them in person as we laughed and joked while making yummy pizzas laden with all types of toppings. Sitting around the table eating said pizza was in a sense magical. It was like some vortex had transported us back years to where we were sitting around a similar table, joking and laughing, playing card games while eating whatever we could make edible in the school cafeteria, affectionately named “the rot.” By the end of the night I was still in shock I think by how much I had missed them. I was texting with the guy and he said that they felt the same way. He was also very entertained with watching husband and I try to figure out our new smart phones.

The rest of that weekend involved being listed to tell another best friend couple of ours, and watching “Once Upon a Time” (newest favorite show) and those friends’ apartment. It is so awesome to think that just another week from now they will be living here! We can hang out, plan random events like we used to, play games. I’ll have people to hang out with when all of the college students leave me for the summer. I couldn’t be happier :0)

P.S. Here is some bonus footage of our furbabies. Something that we learned the past few days. The dog is scared to death of bubbles while the cat is entertained by them. Meanwhile, the dog looks like a psycho killer when she’s trying to get the peanut butter out of the Kong. Enjoy!

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