Ordered a Diamond Candle

Many of you may remember about a year ago that the husband and I won a free photo shoot from Devin Olson Media.

Well, after that event I was more aware of the projects that Devin was working on, and I saw this video that he created for this company called Diamond Candles.

I was curious from the moment that I saw the video describing the company. Basically, in each 21 oz earth friendly soy candle there is a ring inside which could be worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000. For awhile I hesitated to purchase one, they sell for $24.95 plus shipping which can be pretty expensive. However, compared to Yankee Candle, it is a few dollars cheaper, plus you are getting a ring inside as well.

So, I finally ordered one to try it out. I decided on Apple because it was almost Fall.

My candle arrived and I couldn’t wait to melt it enough to obtain my ring! There is foil placed on the outside so you know where the ring is supposed to be, and I felt like it was laughing at me for awhile there. I kept asking my husband if he thought it was melted enough for me to get the ring out, he would just roll his eyes at me and warn me not to dig it out and ruin the candle.

So I waited….

and waited…

and finally it was melted enough to rescue!

*cue Ring Reveal video*

For the record, you should REALLY wait until ALL of the wax around the gold foil mark is melted and then pull the ring out. Otherwise you will likely create this gaping hole in your candle, not dissimilar to this sad image…

There are no markings on the inside of my ring indicating value, so likely its one of the cheaper rings. I’ve also seen rings similar to it on the Pinterest page, and I know they buy the rings in bulk. The ring is also a little large, so to wear it I’d need to get one of those pieces to put on the back of the band. But, the ring is really pretty!

The scent of the candle was surprisingly subtle, which is actually really nice. The candle burns very evenly across, however due to the Soy nature the candle’s wax is more oily and can be messier (especially when digging the candle out).

You may be wondering, how does this work, is it a gimmick? How can they afford to put a ring inside every candle? I researched this on their website, they can afford to do this because they use their advertising budget. Instead of buying ad space in magazines and television, they place rings inside each candle and encourage buyers to place pictures of the rings they discover, or videos of their Ring Reveals online! So, in essence they’re getting tons of free advertisement. It is absolutely brilliant!

 I would definitely try it again, and I do have a $5.00 off coupon! Seriously, its like Cracker Jacks for grown up women! 

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  1. illiot illiot
    September 15, 2013    

    They put Lcheapo rings in they buy from China in bulk. If you see anyone with a 5,000 dollar ring, it’s probably one of their employees just showing it for advertising purposes. Diamond Candles is a scam, big time. NO doubt. There are other companies like this that have way nicer rings in them.

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