Open Carried at the General Assembly Building

Me, with my Pink Glock! One day it may actually be pink

In Richmond, on Martin Luther King day, there is a political event known as Lobby Day. This is a day where without having an appointment with our state representatives we can lobby (at the General Assembly Building) for different works we would like them to accomplish during their term.

The President of VCDL. Phillip VanCleave

A group that my husband and I are members are called VCDL (Virginia Citizen’s Defense League) and are a gun rights group focused on VA’s state rights.

Now, my husband and I actually attended this event last year. However, I had just recently applied for my conceal carry permit (the requirements to open – carry in this particular building) so I could not bring my firearm. But, this year I had my permit!

We have a special entrance where we do not have to go through the metal detectors when we have our CHP

I am not hugely into politics. I blame this new found interest in my Husband. He is very politically motivated, often listening to Fox, or other news sources so much that if I did not have a clue about politics I would loose the ability to talk with my husband. (Okay, so that is definitely an exaggeration…it probably is actually due more so to my pride of having to be able to make herself competently part of conversations).

Our local legislator’s assistant

This day’s event involved listening to different speakers at a rally, and individually meeting with our local representatives to share our views. Despite my often disinterest in politics, this year I felt more engaged. It is really neat to think about this political process within our nation. We have the ability to discuss legislation with the people who represent us, to really be an active part of the political process. I do believe that this is the type of thing that more people should participate in.

The office is even pretty! There are many paintings and flowers
Part of the process involves waiting for the representative to be available.
Where we ate for lunch. Very very good!
For the record, this sign is really stopping people. At least it stops us from frequenting such establishments. I believe this was either a restaurant or a movie theatre.
The one picture I was officially permitted to take.
My club wrap lunch and chips

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