Open Carried at Lobby Day 2013

I’ve been going to the General Assembly on Jan 21st since 2010 in partnership with Virginia Citizen’s Defense League to lobby against gun control bills, and for bills that would grant firearms owners/carriers more freedom. Of all those years, this year is one of the most important years to have gone. This year there were several anti gun bills that we were working to defeat. ‘

RVA General Assembly Building


This year, husband decided that we would stay at a hotel on Sunday night to be able to arrive on time Monday morning! We obtained a cheaper reservation at a hotel using and ended up staying at a Best Western. I was very entertained by this, as it meant that I actually got to watch “Once Upon a Time” when it aired!

Once Upon a Time

For dinner we stopped at a restuarant near where we were staying called “Steak and Shake” I’d never heard of it before, but apparently it is a NC classic. We ended up with several plates of chili cheese fries because they forgot they brought us the appetizer.

Steak and Shake Building Steak and Shake Burger Steak and Shake

The next morning we began the festivities with an open carry breakfast at The River City Diner. There were about 20 or so open carriers, decorated in orange “Guns Save Lives” stickers, and decorating the waitresses with them as well. I ordered pancakes and bacon, while the husband chatted up some new friends. He met a peace officer and they discussed alcohol laws regarding home brews etc.

Before making our way to the capitol, we decided to return now to the hotel for my dress shirt, so we didn’t have to get it later. I know, I know, that is why you do not hang stuff up in the closet. However, I just wanted it to be wrinkle free, then ended up wearing the other shirt.

Upon arrival to the General Assembly building it was about 9am and there was a giant line of people waiting to be wanded in. In previous years those with bags were stuck in the longest line, but me with the camera bag entered the building first.

Long Line

Media Attention



We began with a larger group, but then ended up forming our own smaller group, as we always do. Our group represented various districts around the state, and of course we attempted to meet with the legislators in an unorganized fashion. Up and down the stairs we traveled all day, as the elevators are filled with others.

IMG_1053 IMG_1057

Generally speaking it is most common to meet with the legislative aides, as the actual legislators are in session or meetings. It is most importantly a numbers game, and the aide will pass that information on.

One of the main bills that we were championing was that by Delegate Bob Marshall who has drafted HB2340. This states that Virginia would not comply with Federal gun control legislation/acts issued after 12/31/12. In Virginia it is unlikely that gun control or magazine limits would pass, unlike the way that they are being pushed through in NY. Thus, Virginia would be protected if Obama decided to issue an unconstitutional executive order banning firearms. We decided to stop by his office to thank him for writing the bill and met his wife and aide, and were rewarded with flyers about the bill. We proceeded to hand those out to all of the representatives that we met.



IMG_1086 IMG_1088

As an aside husband would usually end our talks with asking them/informing them about Constitutional Carry, a measure that was recently passed in Arizona that simply states that one’s concealed carry permit is the Constitution and therefore no other permit is needed to be obtained. While the permit may make people feel safer, it is simply a cosmetic difference (between open carry and concealed carry), and would remove the extra hindrances that delay someone being able to conceal carry. Many of the legislators did not fully understand this measure, and were worried about safety, with the recent image of delegate Joe Morrissey brandishing a rifle while his finger is on the trigger. Joking about him made for great camaraderie among us.

IMG_1160 IMG_1159 IMG_1158

Usually at 11 am we would meet on the lawn next to the bell tower to have a rally, this year Philip Van Cleave (president of VCDL) decided that it would be more important to spend that time lobbying and meeting with legislators and their aides. He said though, that everyone missed it, and that they hoped to have the event again next year.

Instead, we had our usual Lobby Day lunch at Gibson’s Grill and sat around talking for hours. It was nice to spend some time chatting and resting our feet!

IMG_1113 IMG_1105


IMG_1106 IMG_1097

Afterwards, we returned to the General Assembly for our scheduled meeting with one of our delegates. While waiting for the meeting I decided to practice my DSLR photo taking skills on the gorgeous bouquet on the delegate’s administrative assistant’s desk.

IMG_1147 IMG_1146 IMG_1136

Before returning home we decided to stop by Colonial Shooting Academy a gun store and shooting range lauded as “Gun DisneyLand” by one of our friends. It was a large store, but due to the recent panics it was largely sold out of firearms, and there was a limit to the amount of ammo that could be purchased. There were some pretty jewelry pieces crafted from empty casings.

IMG_1169 IMG_1171

All in all I would say that our efforts were effective. Even those who did not outright agree with us, took the time to listen to our positions. Those thoughts will continue brewing until we can pass Constitutional Carry in VA. These are the moments that I actually enjoy politics, because it doesn’t seem like the abstract “everyone talking nothing gets done” form of politics. It is actively meeting, telling them what we the citizens wants, and letting them know they’ll get voted out if they don’t comply.


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  2. I enjoyed reading your article. My wife and I have been going to Lobby Day for four years now and we were in line just ahead of you in the picture that you posted waiting to go in to the General Assemble Office building. We think of going to Lobby Day as going to represent hundreds, if not thousands, of people that can not be there for whatever reason. Now that we have gone so many times, our representatives and or their staff recognize us and know that we are constituents. They have implied that they recognize our e-mails and read them. So for those that think that Lobby Day is a waste of time, it maybe be in the short term view, but not in the long term, it gives your views more weight. They know that it is not easy to make the effort to be there in person.

    • I definitely agree! Many years we have not always been able to meet with the actual representatives, so many of them do not recognize me. Though usually they think there is something familiar looking about the husband (I blame his giant beard). However, when he shared his last name they were like “Oh, I remember reading your frequent emails” because he emails every week and calls every other if not more frequently! I’m excited that you guys have been going for so many years, but sad that I’m meeting all these people after the fact. There is always next year though, and other VCDL meetings :0)

  3. I went to Lobby Day this year, I have to say, I think it was a GREAT turnout! Unfortunately, I brought my handgun with me to Richmond, but I don’t have a CHL yet, so I was unable to open and/or concealed carry in the General Assembly. I think Virginians Second Amendment rights are going to be fine.

    • Lame!! That happened to me the first year that I went! I applied for my permit right after Christmas and did not receive it until right before Valentine’s day. I was sad to go to Lobby Day and have to have someone else hold my gun while I was in the building. Thanks for participating even without your permit. I know the effects of our numbers were apparent. :0)

    • Thanks! I’m glad that the husband and I have been able to go for so many years. I really do think that it makes a difference in our state.

    • Every little bit helps right? The more that we all carry and contact our representatives we remind them and dispel the lies inherent in gun control.

    • Absolutely! We’ve got to keep up the fight! Thanks for the comment. I figure that the more I post/share my experiences people will have an idea of what it looks like and want to participate in the future :0)

  4. Once I saw your photograph, I realized we haven’t actually met, though I saw you on Lobby Day. Thanks for this column.

    May I use some of your photos for VCDL purposes? You can respond to (so I can record the permission), and if you grant permission, let me know how you’d like the photo credits to read.

  5. Thanks for an enjoyable breakfast with you and the Hubby. It was my 1st Lobby day and I found it well worth the investment of time.

    Stay safe and hope to see you folks at some of the monthly dinners.


    • Haha! I’m glad you found the article and found us! Husband will have to friend you on :0) I know he really enjoyed his conversations with you!

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