OC Bowl’d on Turkey Day

I like pink, and I match!

For those of you who do not understand OC, you can see a previous post about me open carrying at Lobby Day. Basically, the husband and I like to open carry at restaurants and around town with friends of ours, this is an opportunity to educate others and show them that our guns are not going to magically fly out of the holster and attack them.

We have this couple that we go out to eat with a lot, and recently we’ve talked more about how we need to do other activities. One of these happened over the summer, when we went mini golfing. We had a lot of fun! Ironically, we met this couple through an online forum scheduled Open Carry event in our city, and then discovered that we got married a week apart!

This past summer, I’m not good at this either.
She has a REAL pink gun :0)

Last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our gang of friends from college (lovingly and weirdly referred to as the Rot Rats). You may remember that event that I hosted from last year. However, this year our friends invited us over for Turkey day at their house! They cooked most of the main things, turkey (her first), rolls (yummy and homemade), green bean casserole, corn on the cob, chicken gravy, and some of the best mashed potatoes that I have ever tasted. We were responsible for the drinks and desserts.

That meant that I got to wake up on Turkey day and make cookies! It was a wonderful smell (and I enjoyed eating the left-over cookie dough). I was also preparing my second apple pie, with the correct apples this time. I made them with red apples instead of granny smiths, if you remember. In getting everything mixed and prepared, I realized that I used the last of the butter on the peanut butter cookies. So, husband willingly braved the stores to find the butter, and returned home victorious.

Around 1ish we headed over to our friends. We chilled while final cooking preparations were completed. We ate just a little bit later. Then, of course, came the turkey induced coma. We turned on the tv, and all ended up crashing for about 45 minutes-2 hours. We awoke and decided to eat the desserts. The 2nd apple pie was a hit.

Then, the main event of the evening was bowling. I was excited to go bowling, even though my arm was still a little sore from falling on it a couple of weeks ago. Due to this I had decided that I would bowl with my left hand, or granny bowl. Neither of those techniques were working very well for me. I bowled a 28 the first round, which surprisingly is not the lowest that I’ve ever scored. I’ve actually never been very good at bowling, I tend to twist my wrist just as I’m releasing the ball, flinging it into the gutter. I’ve actually even gotten gutter balls when there were guard rails in the gutters! So, I decided to just try using my right pain, despite that I might injure it further. I ended up developing a new successful technique, I would bowl, not underhanded, but by flicking the ball forward with my hand. I could see it better this way, and prevent my wrist from twisting. I improved dramatically, I even got a strike at one point, bringing my next two rounds to a 60 something and a 90 something :0).

Yes, I’m E at 28 :-/ However, we all did badly that round.

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

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