Met Baby Auri

Many of you probably remember when I posted about throwing a baby shower for my best friend, you can see that post again here.

Well, today I had the pleasure of meeting Auri for the first time! She was born at 7:20 pm on 12/9/12 7:20 pm 7 lbs 1.5 oz, 21 inches long. Ironically, this post also could have been titled “Never Have I Ever Taken Maternity Photography” because the day that I was supposed to photograph her pretty mommy, she decided to be born. I think that she was just jealous and wanted her own pictures.


She is adorable and soooo teeny, but with long feet and fingers! She also has bright blue eyes. Many of these pictures are blurry or dark, because I didn’t want to use the bright flash around her sensitive eyes.

What is really fun is that Auri even has her own facebook and google voice number. This means that all of the friends and family can tag pictures, write her messages, and leave her voice messages and her parents will collect everything and give to her at some later birthday. Her father has said this will likely be when she’s 50 and decides to permit her to see the outside world. (Because you know, there are boys in the outside world ;0) ). This is the second newborn that I’ve had the opportunity to hold, so its exciting to work on not being afraid of babies. I was never that young woman who was all “oh my gosh its a baby! I need to touch it” I usually just cooed at them from afar. Specifically speaking, I have a fear of the tiny humans, because they seem very breakable, and because their cries seem ambiguous to me. I think I’d prefer toddlers or pre school age, once we could chat it up a bit.

While visiting tonight, the friends and I were discussing how neat it is with the increase of technology and photography that we’ll be able to watch Auri’s life progress on facebook (instead of being like our parents who have to trudge pictures out of an old photo album buried somewhere). I’m really entertained! I will likely copy this idea, mostly because I get annoyed when people set their facebook profile pictures as their children. I think this makes it less confusing.






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