Made Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights

Husband and I had some free time around Christmas. This led to me scouring pinterest for awesome decluttering ideas and diy ideas. I kept seeing pictures of shotgun shell decorated Christmas lights. Due to Husband’s reloading supplies that take up a good chunk of the office he had several buckets of shotgun shells that he offered for this craft project. He even offered to do it with me (which more so led to him doing the entire project).


 – How to Make Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights –

Needed Item 1 – Christmas light strands. For our wedding we purchased like 8 white strands, so we had extras on hand. However, I’m sure with after Christmas sales you can find another inexpensive strand. Ours are one colored “yellow” lights, I don’t know how well this project would work with multicolored lights.

White Christmas Lights


Needed Item 2 – Shotgun Shells. These were already de-primed and I liked the look of those (lets out a little more light). We happened to have three different Christmas colors on hand, so we decided to make a pattern out of those. Note to self: the lighter red looked more orange in the finished product. You can get these in all types of colors online! (Even pink!).

Shotgun Shells

Needed Item 3 – Hot Glue Gun. Husband used his industrial man hot glue gun, instead of my craft mini glue gun.


Step 1 – Design the pattern. We decided to put a shotgun shell on every other light, so that way the strand would have some variety. Our pattern was dark red, light red, and then green. We had less green so were trying to space them out.


Step 2 – Put glue on the individual light careful not to put any the light bulb. Then press the shotgun shell over the light. Press firmly for about 15 seconds.



Step 3 – Repeat until the entire strand is finished. At this point (as we had 100 light strand to decorate) most of the glue would have been fully dry, but we decided to lay it out the dry for a little while to make sure anyways.



The Beagle was not impressed with the lack of attention given to her.


Affixing the shotgun shells via hot glue makes these somewhat permanent additions to the light strand, which makes it complicated if you need to replace a bulb. However, according to Lifehacker using rubbing alcohol can dislodge hot glue, so that may work.


I really enjoyed the added color this gave our lights and tree! We would need two strands to decorate the tree…so I’m sure we’ll be trying out a second strand soon!

IMG_2966 IMG_2934 IMG_2923 IMG_2916 IMG_2913


Merry belated Christmas! Let me know if you have any fun Christmas themed DIY!

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