Made Fun Fetti Dip

During the first week of my car wreck recovery I was wildly in love with teddy grahams. I’d hoped to bring them and cake icing on the overnight fun trip at the end of the mission trip. It was a classic within my time in my youth group back home. It was ironic that when our Sunday School leader’s brought us goodie bags, they contained teddy grahams. They were the first thing I ate after the accident!


A friend challenged me to google fun fetti dip, and I was amazed to discover a healthier dip for teddy grahams, as opposed to simply gobbling up cake icing! I followed the recipe outlined here which is the “Skinny” version.


As this was the first week of recovery or my time training to become a couch potato I couldn’t actually make the dip. But, knowing my silly tendencies my husband agreed to make it for me, AND agreed to document it, knowing how happy it would make me. It didn’t even take very much arm twisting at all…he knew what I wanted before I even asked :0).


Ingredients: Funfetti cake mix, 2 cups fat free yogurt, 1 cup lite cool whip, optional extra sprinkles. (In this version cool whip from a can was used instead of lite cool whip).

Directions: mix and chill (overnight if possible but at least 4 hours)

P.S. This seriously makes a TON of dip. I’d highly recommend it for parties, and not for just 2 people’s snacking!



I got to help mix it!








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