Made a Penguin Winter Wreath

I’m always looking for new crafty projects. Recently, while over at a friend’s she mentioned wanting to make a Christmas Wreath. My mom used to make these and I’d never really seen the appeal, but browsing on Pinterest left me inspired!

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_29

I had one idea, then when I went to get supplies at Michaels my vision totally transformed. When it comes to crafty things I like to have a general picture in my brain, and then see what products are available at that trip that best fit my needs, altering my vision as necessary.

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_4

I left the store with a giant foam circle, glittery wide canvas like ribbon, cute adhesive penguins, and glittery blue hued pom poms. At this point (the first week of December) most of the wreath making supplies were GONE. I could get a smaller wreath or go with the larger one and just have to cut it. Also, this foam was flat, which I’d read would hang against the wall better and be easier to affix things to.

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_5

The first problem was cutting the foam circle. I used our pet food container to mark out a wide enough circle, then hubby sweetly used a Swiss Army Knife to cut it out for me (without even being asked). It is important to use a non serrated blade so the Styrofoam is not hacked to pieces.

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_7

Then, I wrapped the ribbon around it. There is probably a way to do this to use less ribbon, but it was just simple to me to wrap as I went, instead of pausing to glue each piece. At the end I used hot glue. I was worried it would melt the foam, so I tested it on the part that I extricated, and it was fine.

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_8


2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_10

Because of the canvas texture of the ribbon (it had holes) the glue had less to adhere to. I worked around this by pressing the ribbon into the glue/foam with the metal tip of the hot glue gun.

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_13

Probably the hardest part was determining how I wanted to make my mounds of snow. Husband said I should just lay everything out and experiment, so I did just that. I liked the idea of making a huge pile of colorful blue snow off center to the right, and wrapping it around the middle. Then, I’d have the penguins dancing askew in tiny piles of their own snow.

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_14

Surprisingly, the hot glue worked really well. I only scalded the pads of my fingers twice, and the pom poms seemed to hold in place. I enjoy the scattered pattern of my design.

2014-12-15 Penguin Wreath_31

Finally, I used some extra blue ribbon around the top, and plan to hang it out in the hallway of my apartment complex!

In total this project used about $20 worth of supplies and about half an hour to create. The best part (since I made it in late December) is that it can count as a “Winter” wreath and I could leave it hanging through February (in theory).

Happy Christmas craftying :0)

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