Lived in the OBX For a Week

Welcome to North CarolinaThis summer Husband and I finally schedule a vacation that didn’t involve traveling to meet family. It was the first vacation that we had since our honeymoon. Husband’s coworkers regularly travel to the Outer Banks for a week and rent a beach house together, so he jumped in to partake. All year I was sooo excited! Despite all of the international beaches that I’ve visited, the Outer Banks is by far my favorite. I’ve been twice previously, and the gorgeous sandy dunes covered in tall beach grass is the most gorgeous natural looking coastline. I was even more excited to share this beautiful place with the Husband who’d never been!

Our vacation began with a short trip to Williamsburg to ride Verbolten at the spiffy VIP party that I won access to based on my social media merits and waxing nostalgic over the love for the park. Read that post.

Then we traveled to the beach, it was nice to break the trip into two sections. We ended up arriving earlier than the rest of the guests, so we just found a public beach access and explored.



Our Feet Upon Arrival


The Beard in the Wind

Once everyone arrived and we got the keys, I got to see our beautiful large beach house. It was located at the end, so we really only had neighbors on one side. We were also located right on the edge of the water, with no other houses blocking our beach front view! This giant house had a pool, and a Jacuzzi  As well as there was a porch off of our bedroom on the second floor, where I could walk to the beach to take pretty sunrise pictures.

Front of the Beach House Our Pool


Living Room

Our Living Room View

View of Our House From the Beach

The first few days were rainy, so we mostly stayed inside. The large kitchen table was converted to the LAN party station. Most of the other wives/girlfriends were frustrated by this. I decided that “if you can’t beat them, then join them.” The beta version of Torchlight II had been offered, and I was eager to try it! 

Rainy Day


Geeks at the Kitchen Table

The next day the sun was out, bright and shinning. We ventured out to the beach and enjoyed it! The water was still pretty cold since it was May, but we enjoyed it all the same. As a very pale person I know that one of my most important rituals is lathering myself in sunscreen (the highest SPF that I can get!) So, I did this…however, apparently when I did this, I only put the sunscreen down the right sides of my legs, leaving the left halves to become bright red and burnt. ><

Bright Sun


Reading on the Beach


Burnt Legs

Husband enjoyed himself playing with his new go pro. At one point he was wearing it while they were using the boogie boards and it fell off into the ocean. Luckily one of the other guys felt it next to their feet. The video was running all the while as the waves/current dragged it across the ocean floor. Watching the amazed expression on husband’s face when he retrieved it is priceless!

Husband and Go Pro

And of course we built a sand castle together!

Sand Castle Building


Drizzled Castle


Me and Castle


Sand Castle

I wanted to see the wild ponies on the beach, we didn’t have the opportunity to do that, but we did get to explore a local lighthouse! I visited a lighthouse the last time that I went to OBX, but it was under reconstruction and not open inside. I’ve heard that climbing the rickety stairs of a lighthouse can be scary, but I figured after the bell tower in Italy that was walking up chiseled stone stairs I’d be fine. Hah! These were metal grated stairs, but there were wide gaps in between each step. This ignited my fear of stairs and I crawled up them at a snails pace.

Currituck Beach Lighthouse Sign



Scary Stairs


Us at the Lighthouse


DSCN6020 DSCN6018 DSCN6011


DSCN6024 DSCN6021

The lighthouse exploration was also the final episode of my Nikon point and shoot. I’m pretty sure it was my fault. I remember snapping a picture and then tossing it into my purse as the lens was closing. The next time I brought it out to turn it on, it said there was a “Lens Error” and shut off. It was pretty tragic, but our trip was mostly over at that point, and at least I had my camera phone!

Living with a few awesome chefs, we had great meals every night. One night we had delicious giant mushroom burgers.







Another we went to a yummy restaurant. I had delicious macaroni.

2012-05-24_19-51-12_180 2012-05-24_19-51-20_501



Another night we had seafood (an absolute necessity). I LOVE crab legs, so of course this was a priority. People are often astounded as crack the limbs with my bare hands. I trained a few of them on this wonderful art. You see the trick is to crack it in the middle from one side, only enough to break the shell not the meat. Then, you turn it over and crack the other side. Thus, you pull the shell apart to uncover the whole piece of crab meat that you dip in succulent butter. Yum!

2012-05-22_17-39-32_566 2012-05-22_17-51-49_827

DSCN5920 DSCN5917

We even discovered some of the best salt water taffy that I have ever tasted. There are a bazillion delicious flavors and you can choose your own. (Perfect for avoiding those flavors that you dislike). We brought home several bags. We said a few were for others but I know we ate a large portion. My favorite flavor was watermelon, the candy even looked like the fruit.




The last night we were there we decided to combine all of our leftover food into a baked Mac and Cheese in an attempt to use it all and have less to throw away. What was concocted was a wild creation called “Everything Under the Kitchen Sink.” This was made with all of our cheese: swiss, white cheddar, gouda, and habanero cheddar. All of our sandwich and leftover meats: roast beef, ham, bacon, brats, rotisserie chicken, left over mushroom burger. Other ingredients were cream cheese, Doritos, Lays Potato chips, Sun chips, six boxes of mac and cheese dip, 3 sticks of butter, all placed in a pan greased with bacon grease. It was pretty incredible!

2012-05-25_20-13-06_419 2012-05-25_20-12-56_4022012-05-25_20-34-58_7172012-05-25_20-58-14_7022012-05-25_20-59-23_9812012-05-25_21-01-11_459

I really hope we can go again this upcoming summer.

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