Lived Down on Skid Row

Although, technically I did when I performed in this show.

Ever since they built the “Tower Theatre” the school has been doing better and better theatre productions. If you do not remember about their Phantom of the Opera performance that I went to last year, you can read about it here. I was excited to find out that they were doing “Little Shop of Horrors.” I was actually in this performance my junior year of high school. I loved being a part of theatre. I was always an extra chorus member, but it is just a fun environment to be in.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any of my pictures from that performance :0( I’m not even sure that I took any. I could have been in between a camera that year. Honestly, even when I did take pictures, before I had my own personal camera…I hardly ever remembered to download and back up the pictures anyways. So whenever we got a new computer, or it got reformatted all of the pictures would be gone aways. I’ll hunt for it later.

I got the husby to come to the show with me! I was excited to watch this with him, thinking that I had scored awesome 4th row orchestra pit seats. Until we got to our row… apparently Audrey II decided to eat the first three rows of seats. So now, the 4th row had become the first row, right next to the stage. I realized that we were going to be very uncomfortably close to the action.

The show opened, and I could see that they had extended the stage so that the subway exit actually led to under ground crossing section, for character exits. During the songs I wanted to sing along, due to the fact that for months these songs were drilled into my head. Overall the performance was good, I was a little disappointed with the first act, I just didn’t feel like they “brought it.” I felt like Seymour’s character had very weak vocals, but I don’t know if that was how they were trying to portray this geeky character. Audrey was very in character, and I was impressed with how she could jump around Audrey II’s roots during the fast paced scene with the phones ringing, I surely would have fallen flat on my face.

I’m not gonna lie, during the kissing scenes I wanted to yell “reps!” I kept thinking about how in our performance in high school the male lead was dating the female understudy, and the male understudy was this jerky full of himself guy. So what happened was that if the male understudy actually kissed the female understudy, then she decided that she was really going to slap him in a following scene.

One thing that I preferred to my high school’s performance was the use of so many people in the production. We had several people walking around during the opening dressed as drunks, mail room clerks (me), and other just random people. I think having a constant flux of people for certain scenes helps the play to feel like it is really set in New York City. Instead, this performance had a very small cast, the hobos in the opening scene were actually those who played the voice, roots, or other parts of Audrey II. This meant that the young man who played the dentist played every other “extra” speaking role in the play. This was especially hilarious when you see him walk on stage dressed as a woman. He was very talented, and very willing to go all the way for his performances.

I do have a few pictures from when I performed “South Pacific” in high school. I played a French Islander. This meant that we had one main scene, in which we learned a song in French, and danced with the sailors. This was the first musical that my high school performed in like 30 years. It was incredibly to see all of the departments come together to make this a possibility, all of the chorus classes, the theatre classes, the set design class, the art students, and even the principle’s mom helped to make our costumes. As a cast we had so much fun hanging out behind scenes, one of our favorites was this area where we had pushed two couches together which meant for tons of seating. We were easily entertained, often doing our homework backstage. I remember once that I was working on a chemistry lab report, and someone accident-ly put their orange on my homework. It blend into the paper, but I think my teacher ended up accepting it because everyone was so excited about our musical.

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