Introduced My DSLR to Spring

IMG_3136I’ve been very remiss, as of Dec. 30th I’ve been the proud owner of a Canon T3i DSLR! As you can tell from the plethora of pictures I tend to upload here, or the fact that I have my small canon in my purse every day, I love to take pictures. For me I’m afraid of forgetting details, so taking the digital images (even if I never upload them anywhere, or print them) helps to solidify those memories. I’ve always wanted a really nice camera because I’m often very frustrated  by my inability to take great pictures at night, etc. One of the main types of pictures that I wanted to take (again leaning towards the DSLR instead of my pocket camera) because I love those pictures with the blurry depths of field which is difficult for the pocket cameras to capture without perfect light.

Finally, in suddenly and unexpectedly filling in as the office manager/admin assistant at my counseling site I had a large paycheck that we were not expecting to have. In discussing it, it made sense to use it towards a large purchase that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford. Contenders included: a baby Glock 9mm, a tv/media center, or the DSLR. I’m happy to say that the DSLR (obviously) won!

After research, and because I’m a Canon fan, I decided on the Canon T3i due to reviews, dependability, price and because the little screen flips around like my first Canon Powershot S2 IS. I ordered it from Amazon, and received coupons for a free bag, free sd card, $5 mega zoom lens (instead of $150), and the rest of the kit. I couldn’t wait for it to be delivered to my door!




This camera bag was so much more amazing than I was expecting! It has a zillion pockets (perfectly designed for the camera body and lenses), good padding in the straps, and all types of side pockets for SD cards, batteries, tripods, etc. It really is wonderful. It doesn’t look like amazon is still offering the promotional price of free when bundling with a DSLR, but it would definitely be worth purchasing.

IMG_3133 IMG_3132 IMG_3130

Between getting into my internship, bad weather, and really not knowing where to begin I haven’t experimented with it too much. I mean I’ve shot pictures at home, just toying with the settings. However, I had hoped to produced updates when I was specifically training to do certain types of photos so you could learn with me, but this has yet to happen.

One of the fun things I did enjoy shooting was the few times that it snowed, especially the time that it snowed in April -_-. Here are some things I’ve tried:





For more samples of pictures taken with our DSLR you can view these blog posts: Kidnapped to the Mountain, Lobby Day 2013, Surprise Picnic, My Graduation, and our Dorm 1 Photoshoot.

Currently, I am reading Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography series, I love it. It is very simply practical steps to achieve certain types of photos.

I’m eager to apply these tips as I have three “official” photography gigs upcoming. I get to serve my local church by taking pictures at our “Reach Our City” work day as part of our Missions Conference, then taking service pictures on Sunday, then I get to take pictures as my schedule allows for the youth’s week long local mission trip! The latter even culminates in a trip to D.C. to tour various religious temples including a mosque, and a trip to Six Flags. The perks for being a volunteer photographer. Plus, this means I can “officially” say that I am participating in a mission trip this summer :0)

Please be praying that I do well in these opportunities, I am a bit nervous, especially for the indoor photography as that is so challenging! Let me know if you have any great websites to visit, gear to recommend, or easy tips to apply.

Pictures galore to follow ;0)


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