Introduced Baby Auri to the Pool

This was intended on being posted yesterday as several belated #throwbackthursday posts. However, when the Derecho decides to disrupt power signal causing a fight between your modem and router you end up losing internet.

We took the affectionately called (among many other nicknames) Smurgleburgle to the pool pretty early in the afternoon to avoid her delicate skin burning. I was excited to be apart of this moment as I’m currently a proud Aunt, with none of my own children (besides my furbaby) to enjoy firsts with.

She was pretty chill about it. For the most part her favorite activity in life is giving everyone her dead pan expression, observing everything around her. She tends to kick her legs regularly, so I wondered how she’d take to the pool.

She tolerated it pretty well, only making a fuss (being bored with it) after about 30 minutes or so.







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