Helped to Supervise CFAW w/o Our Directors

In the missions organization that I work with, our biggest promotional events take place during CFAW or College For A Weekend. During this event high school students are checking out the college. This is the perfect opportunity to tell them about how they can go on a missions trip making new friends, AND earn a scholarship towards the  college equal to the cost of the trip. Its a pretty sweet deal, I wish I would have known about it as a high school student. This was the final CFAW of the year, and this time our Directors and fearless leaders were going to be in Costa Rica. We had all assisted at these events countless times, but this time we would be leading them. The six supervisors would have to band together to lead; can I add that I really learned a lot about everyone’s personality and leading styles this weekend.

Everyone worked so hard, I love them!

Thursday: Check IN

We set up a booth in the hallway, and talk to cfaw’ers and their parents in a quick 3 minute blurp. This is probably our toughest crowd all week. Many of these people have been stuck in the car for hours, they just want to get thru the line to get checked in to begin the events of the weekend.

Our new pretty banners in action.

Our largest goal is to get interest cards for people who would like to be called by our calling center, and to inform everyone about our Missions Seminars on Saturday.  Overall, this went really well! We survived not clogging the hallway (this would mean the end of our participation in this event) and obtained several interests cards.

In cooking for eight hours the chicken tenderized and shredded
Thursday I got to come home to a yummy crock pot meal! At the end of that day my poor feet appreciated my prior planning.

Friday: Johnsonville Brat Fundraiser

We usually have another promotional event, but since the college was changing the way they do this event, our Directors decided it would be easier for us to skip it this time. Instead, team Italy hosted another fundraiser. One of our fellow leaders (and a fellow supervisor) is actually Johnsonville certified with his giant grill that is hauled by his car throughout the summer. This event went very well due to the extra people on campus (and the extra people who wanted to avoid the crowded cafeteria). It was FREEZING cold, it had snowed either that morning or the day before. And we were understaffed for the event. However, we made it work (even despite dropping two brats on the ground—hey, it matches the two buns that I mooshed at the previous fundraiser). I wasn’t able to take any pictures, but I have some from the previous event.
Saturday: Missions Seminars and Meet Your Team Party
I am the Queen of this Booth!
Missions Seminars are held twice, one earlier in the morning and one after lunch. These are our major informational events. We share not only about our organization, but also other organizations and opportunities at our college and how these can help to becoming a full time missionary. Our Director always speaks at this event; I was soooo glad that he recorded himself doing the presentation, it was less for us to think about. Other responsibilities during this seminar include setting up our product table of t-shirts and handcrafts from our missionary partners. The morning session went really well, even despite the fact that it took a little bit longer due to a change of set up. We reworked the product table (I man this) and we are sosoo proud to show our Directors. (They love it when we can find a better way to do something).
The second sessions filled up slowly…but then all of a sudden we were standing room only. In a teeny classroom we fit approximately 122 people, with 45 people left either sitting on the floor or standing. It was crazy! In my three years of working with this organization I have never seen the room that packed. I was happy to see too, that there was a large interest in the purses and jewelry from India, and the bracelets from Zambia. We were able to sell those products to send back to our ministry partners!
Sports Action Mode with my new Nikon coolpix
The video of this is hysterical
Then, we had our Meet Your Team Party. Many of the students on our trips are planning to come to our college, and check it out during this highschooler’s weekend. Thus, we take the opportunity to invite them over to meet them and spend time with them before our trips in the summer. This time one of our ingenious supervisors came up with this really fun group game called “Shuffle Your Buns.” Basically you encircle the room in chairs, then the students have to play a game similar to musical chairs (only making sure to place their bottoms in each chair) while the person in the middle tries to cut them off to the empty chair. There can also be the switching of seats from opposite sides of the room, thus the entire room can get into chaos. I greatly enjoyed taking pictures and watching the chaos.
Team Italy and Friends
After the group game all of the students were really “opened up” and this led to more opened discussions in our teams while eating ice cream and cookies. Team Italy mostly chatted with our leaders who went on the trip last year, becoming more and more excited about this summer.
At the end of the party I was done. I had had my fill of people and I wanted to go home. I skipped out on an impromptu party with my friends and relaxed watching Mulan on my computer. I then crashed, thankful that that was the final CFAW event of the year, and grateful that God had let everything go so well.

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  1. Haha Tyler. Yeah, unfortunately we were so short handed I was unable to get pics this past Friday. Especially as things kept blowing away, or we were freezing to death…too bad not all of us can be by the grill.

    I wanted to label the one picture of everyone tweaking the table as us being OCD but the type wouldn’t fit without messing up the formatting of the page. lol

  2. Before reading the excerpt about the fundraiser, I immediately saw me wearing a hat on the grill and thinking, “didn’t I wear a hat last time?”…haha, oh my OCDness.

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