Haunted a Live Performance of Phantom of the Opera

Ever since my school announced and finished construction on its new theatre, and the first production season in that theatre, I’ve been counting down the days to see the final performance: Phantom of the Opera. We are actually one of the first colleges to be able to get the rights to do this performance…I guess the rights become available after a show has spent a certain amount of time on Broadway. While in college my girl friends and I always “talked” about seeing shows here, but never did it. So we themed the night “little black dress night.”

Dinner..they were out of crab legs :0(
Strawberry Smoothies
The  only picture from the show…since its copyrighted.

The performance was amazing! *Warning* If you haven’t seen the show yet, please wait to read this. The show opened to an auction, exactly like the movie in 2004.  It seems slow, then the auctioneer says, “Let’s see if we can’t scare these ghosts away” Then, they raise the chandelier over the audience in tandem with the amazing overture music. It was an incredible hair raising moment–to be part of the show in that manner.

The characters acted their parts perfectly! My favorites included Carlotta, and Meg. Much of the show is very similar to the recent movie, but also included other smaller scenes and songs that helps to explain the overall story and plot better.

My favorite scene was when Christine and the Phantom entered through the mirror and traveled through the bowels of the Opera House. I was wondering how they would do this scene. There was smoke, and some sort of motor powered boat that they traveled around in on stage. Once they arrived to the Phantom’s lair there were actors dressed in black costumes holding lights, in essence being the candelabras. They danced around Christine, and were even hanging from the ceiling. This led to a funny moment when one of them was unable to balance his body weight; he got quite a bit of blood rushing to the brain.

Other creative uses of the stage included: the Phantom taunting the audience and characters from the catwalks, the viscount and new managers of the Opera were sitting in box suites set on the edges of the stage, and using the depth/backstage area of the stage to create the labyrinth of the Opera’s backstage area.

Overall, it was an amazing experience! I love the story and music from Phantom, and watching it live was perfect. The cast was able to surpass the expectations of the audience for such a well-known production.

Pretty sparkly shoes that I’ve had since Prom in High School. The husband saw that and said, “You can still wear your shoes from High School?” To which I replied, “Yes, I can wear my shoes from High School, and you can wear your jeans from High School…this shows the difference in our growth patterns” lol.

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