Had “Signal Leakage” Disrupt My Internet

Sorry for the lack of posts, this time it wasn’t completely my fault. Since the 28th of January our internet access has been unreliable. Off and on we suffer from slow speeds from our service with Comcast, but that early Monday morning we were suffering from complete lack of internet. So, poor husband was on the phone with them on that Monday, eventually getting us a new modem. Our internet began to work again and we thought that was the end of it. Instead, the next day our internet had the same problems.

It was too the point where after work we returned campus in order to get things done!

Poor husband would call them every day, only to speak with people who either didn’t listen to him or were condescending. They kept insisting that it was a problem with the modem, when we had just gotten a brand new modem.

Each day it was a surprise if our internet would work, and the Comcast call agents were little help. We scheduled to have a tech come out on Saturday, and we decided to keep the appointment as the internet was out that entire weekend. Husband spoke with the tech who checked everything, and told him that everything was working. So we waited to here what was next.

Having not heard anything for a few days husband called them, only to learn that the ticket had been marked “Resolved” which was news to us as the situation was not resolved. Husband was told that they needed to mark it “Resolved” as he would need to call the Sales department to open a new ticket in order for them to send out a higher level tech. This was where we both start beating our head on the car dashboard wondering if our internet would ever work reliably again.

Then, husband was finally able to speak with someone at the local office to send out techs. And they were not kidding, they sent out an entire fleet!


Upon looking at the wiring in our apartment, some of the wires were not correctly placed causing something called “Signal Leakage” basically, there was interference which was reducing Comcast’s signal to our modem. Our cables were mangled with those in another apartment. For more information about “Signal Leakage” you can read about it here. Now that you’re aware of this you can see if that is your internet problem.

I just wanted to explain where I’ve been the past two weeks. Hopefully, now that my internets are back to being reliable *crosses fingers* I can bring you more fun posts about my counseling internship, firearms, and do it yourself projects! :0)

FYI I totally recommend marrying a computer geek, just for the record. If I had to deal with Comcast, well I’d probably be stuck in an infinite loop of getting new modems, paying random fees, and sitting in my apartment to wait for techs to tell me that everything is working fine!

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