Had a Surprise Picnic Lunch

This past weekend was one of those wonderful weekends in this great state when it forgets what season that it is in! This means we had weather in January that instead of being rainy cold in the 30 and 40’s was in the upper 70’s and bright and shiny! These are those rare days given to us to help us get through the rest of the winter.

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After observing a few cases on Saturday I called the husband on the way home. He began asking me questions like if I liked pickles and mayo. I quickly deduced that he was making me a sandwich and exclaimed, “Are you making us a picnic to go to the park?!!” To which he replied, “You know, when someone is trying to surprise you, you probably shouldn’t try to guess the surprise.” Whoops.


We took the yummy lunch of turkey sandwiches, chips and salsa, Capri suns, Arizona green tea, and cheezits to our small local park. This is the park we tend to frequent most often as it is so close to our house, AND because we got them to remove their unconstitutional gun ban sign. The beagle and new camera accompanied us for the trip as the bright sunlight would be awesome to test it out in.

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The weather was absolutely perfect. If you were to imagine the perfect textbook day this would be it. The bright blue sky was lightly strewn with fluffy white clouds that were not hiding the sun, the minimal wind did not deter the sun’s rays from warming our backs as we sat enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. It was one of those moments where I wished I could just fall into the sky. Husband and I laid against the blanket and just started at the sky, I can’t remember the last time I’ve paused enough to do that!

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Hopefully we will get a few more warm days, but if not it means I cannot wait for Spring!

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