Had a Nightmare About Self Defense

erinar15The other night I awoke early in the morning after a scary nightmare where I needed to use self defense, but was struggling to do so. I thought that scary was needing to run away in a dream and feeling like you couldn’t.

I found myself (in my dream) in a situation where I was in a house with 4 other friends. One of which does carry a firearm regularly, but did not seem to have any knowledge about guns in this situation. All of a sudden there were guys trying to break in, so we fled into a part of the house that we could better defend. We went into a room where there was furniture that we could hide behind and make a “defensible position.” The men were still chasing after us they entered the doorway and walked through the stairway (stairway in a room…I blame weird dream architects for that one). It was up to me to take them out as they approached one by one. Their advancement was relentless, there had to be about 20 guys, and each trigger pull was a struggle. In my dream it was like I couldn’t physically pull the trigger as I found my finger placement behind the knuckle instead of using the pad of my finger.

The next morning I describe the dream to husband, and he admitted to having similar nightmares. I know I’ve also had other dreams before international trips where I forgot, and brought my firearm with me into the country. Surprisingly in these dreams, I got it into the country (Jamaica and Italy) but was freaking out about how to get home without getting arrested in those countries!

Have any of you ever had to defend yourself with your firearm in your sleep?

5 thoughts on “Had a Nightmare About Self Defense

  1. I had a dream that I was at my grandmothers house. I always feel cozy and safe there; it’s one of my favorite places to be. She and I were sitting in her living room, it was nighttime, the curtains were closed but the outside lights were on. I saw a shadow pass by and then saw two figures standing at the back door (the glass in the dream was frosted so we could only see their outline). It was pretty late so I immediately felt uneasy about it and they knocked at the door. I told my gram not to get it as she was walking toward the door and at that moment they kicked in the door and knocked her down. I reached for my gun and…it wasn’t there. It was a horrible feeling of helplessness. I immediately woke up, in a sweat.

    • That is definitely very scary! I’m glad that we don’t have to always feel that helplessness in real life! PS my very first gun was a Walther PPK.

  2. I actually very rarely have bad dreams of any kind. Whenever I’m about to have a bad dream, I just have an awesome one instead.

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