Grown Vegetables From Miracle Gro-Ables

This year I’ve had a renewed interest in meal planning and using vegetables in meals. I want to be healthy and give my body better nutrients to survive the day, etc. BUT vegetables are expensive, and if I don’t have a specific meal plan they go into my refrigerator and quickly die.


Husband and I have day dreamed about having a small garden for awhile. Being able to live off of what you grow is an important step of independence for him, for me I like the romance of being able to grow things!


With the weather being warmer and the success of the daffodils that I planted last fall (full post when they bloom more), I felt restless and wanted to attempt a small container garden. I did some research, but decided to view the local stores to see what was available. I was hoping to start from a budding plant, as I figured I’d have more luck with that. To my dismay they had herbs started and other leafy vegetables, but not the two that I particularly wanted. In reading sees packets I learned that it wasn’t really too late to start from seeds, but I still felt hesitant.


Then, I turned around and I saw these little seed pods from Miracle-Gro. They contain all of the nutrients for the seeds to grow, and its idiot proof to plant at the correct depth. Once I read “guaranteed to grow” I was sold!


So we bought all of the things! Including a cute blue watering can. It added up quickly, $44 between the pots, soil, plant food, and seeds. Husband remarked that these were going to be some of the pricier vegetables we’ve ever eaten. So much for wanting to save money with planting, but at least I’ll have the experience for when I can look up all of the Pinterest tips to grow a full garden and save money?


Once the pods were in the containers I realized that I should have purchase two different color containers…whoops. So I attempted to affix the labels to the containers with pretty washi tape. This was a fail. I scrounged my craft bin for something plastic and durable to turn into a plant sign. I found empty shotgun shells waiting to be turned into something and paint markers. B= Bell Pepper and C= Cucumber. (They will probably need a trellis later, but I figure I can get that later).


It was pretty chilly today, will be for the rest of the week, so the containers are going to stay in the apartment breezeway till it warms up. I can’t wait to meet my yummy vegetables (although it looks like Bell Peppers are a fruit?)!


Miracle gro tries to make it easier for us newbies as well, there is a “Sprout It” app on their website. You click the type of plants, and where you live, and it helps to guide you through the process. My plants should be ready for harvest around June and July!

Seriously though, feel free to offer any helpful gardening tips. :0)


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