Gone Apple-Picking or Baked an Apple Pie!

This is one of those post where I get to tell you that I still haven’t done the thing that I’m talking about. Well…at least one of them.

A month or so ago my supervisor at work decided to see who’d be interested in going Apple-picking. This is a typical fall activity around here with so many orchards hidden in the nearby mountains. Usually this is an activity that people will do with their dorms, but we figured it’d be fun to do with all of those who are off campus/married.

I loved the drive over there, the leaves are just to beautiful in the fall! My favorites are where the edges are red or orange, and you can still see the green next to the steps; its amazing to see the range of color that you can see on one tree!

When we got there we found out that there was actually a little festival going on too! So there were vendors selling all types of homemade products from jewelry, artwork, needle crafts, snacks, and metal work. There was music playing and horse drawn wagon rides.

A fluffy Alpaca!

We found out when we walked into the country store, that there were actually no apples to be picked from the trees. Apparently, due to the weather, they’d already been picked. Everyone else dug in and picked themselves a peck or so of apples. I did not buy any additional apples because my mother in law had recently purchased some apples for us while driving through Northern Virginia. I did, however, purchase some other homemade goods.

While walking back to our vehicles (which were parked in the orchard in between the rows of trees) we decided to pose and pretend to pick the few remaining underdeveloped apples from the trees. All and all it was a very fun outing. Everyone there was affiliated with Xtreme Impact in some way or another, but I think we all had fun exploring some of our interests outside of work.

A few weeks later I finally got around to making an Apple pie with all of the apples that I had. I actually ended up making like 5 pies that weekend, because I had some supplies to make Pumpkin pies that I wanted to use before they expired. Needless to say, the house smelt amazing, and I earned a bazillion wife points.

It was my first attempt at making an apple pie. I use the “Easy Swedish Apple Pie” recipe from allrecipes.com. I did use a pre-prepared crust, but I don’t feel like I should lose points for that. The husband was very helpful in peeling the apples for me. I tried using the potato peeler, but the peel seemed too slick to get the traction to actually shave the apple, so husby just used his knife.

I threw it all together, and then I wondered if I should try making the lattice crust. The husband said, “Well, the time to fail is now, when we do not have kids. That way when they are born, they think you’re an amazing cook.” So, I decided to google directions for the lattice work. It is actually really simple, especially while following this picture tutorial.

The pie turned out wonderfully, if a little sweet. I had used some sort of red apples, instead of the Granny Smith’s that the recipe called for. I used this recipe again to make a pie for Thanksgiving, with the correct apples. My second attempt was a second success. I’m 2 for 2! The husband actually preferred the sweeter pie. I’m just glad they were both crowd pleasers!

I would highly recommend these pie crusts from Wal-mart.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’ll post more about mine soon!

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