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While I’m having monthly goals (this month is to take more challenges/leave my comfort zone) I am also following One Little Word®  prompts, many of which help us to set monthly or yearly goals.

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Last months prompt was sooo much fun! The crafty aspects helped me to “get out of myself/free me from over-thinking” and just embrace the new. Doing the vision board enabled me to return to January’s prompts and flesh the ideas into tangible goals.

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I also finished this second vision board which is hanging next to my bed.

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This month, I get to springboard into even MORE tangible goals. Honestly, I probably could have (maybe SHOULD have) made them more tangible, but it made sense to me to focus on four areas of life again: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Relational.

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(Can I just say that a large reason I completed this prompt, which felt like a rehashing was because I had the accountability as a blog host? Yay for you guys! I just miss the fun pictures….can we go back to that?!)

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My vision board surprised me, in what it did and didn’t focus on. It bored me a little in that it focused so much on the physical things of exercise, eating well, and things that emotionally balance me like laughing and creativity. It seemed like mundane goals. However, it has come to my attention that my personality type relies on bursts of energy to get this done. This explains why sometimes I’m SUPER productive and other times I’m weighed down by the guilt of all the things that I want to do, but aren’t completing. A random phrase “Give her everything she needs to succeed” really resonated with me; the importance of setting myself up for success. Therefore, the biggest give I could give myself was sorting out how the spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational are affecting my energy levels.

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So I wrote it out on another piece of paper first, and then wrote it on the actual sheet. I did colorize it a little to add some POP.

2015-03-05 19.26.40


2015-03-05 19.58.27From the begin I’ve been quick to remind myself that soaring isn’t JUST the fun high of flying free (I’m picture the fun swoops on a roller coaster). True soaring is the day to day flying that birds do. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is mundane. In watching birds fly, I’ve realized that when they glide for long periods of time, they aren’t always perfectly straight, their wings waver among the invisible air drifts, and that is what life looks like. Soaring means opening my wings, pushing off from the earth, and daily soaring in the invisible air currents trusting God when things get rocky.

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Bonus Notes:

Its been neat to see how my word morphs. In the community facebook group I see some people worry about connecting with their word, or feeling drawn to another. Neatly, I’m “connected” to the word soar, but within this word the follow resonate with me: Brave/Courage, Balance, Healthy, Open, etc.

Check out some more awesome blogs as they interact with their words and prompts! Link up your blog and join the fun :0)



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