Found Christmas Spirit at the Vintage Market

Saturday Adventure Series

Saturdays seem to be Husband and my adventure days. Today’s adventure was one I’d been highly anticipating, the Christmas Vintage Market. I went to my first of these bi-annual events in the late spring, and couldn’t wait to see what was available this time!

2014-11-08-Vintage Market_41edit

This time it was held in an open garage space, which limited my picture taking, but I was still impressed by the cute Christmas Carol theme that adorned the previously blank urban space!

2014-11-08-Vintage Market_26edit 2014-11-08-Vintage Market_11edit

2014-11-08-Vintage Market_35edit


Upon seeing the book tree, I ran over to have husband take a picture.

2014-11-08-Vintage Market_24edit

He indulges my requests, but some times refuses to take pictures with me. Such was the case for the fun photo booth space. A few sweet girls offered to take a picture with both of us, but I knew he wouldn’t go for it, even despite the top hat and mustache!

2014-11-08-Vintage Market_33editscaled

I opened carried, for the first time in awhile. A vendor noticed the holster and asked about it. Fun time to share about GREAT firearms website/holsters for women. (I seriously need to create that static page and cards with the website link).

Unlike the spring even, I wasn’t lucky enough to win a raffle, but I did find this hand made bookish ornament for our Christmas tree, so I still won.

2014-11-08 17.35.23

Husband even found something to like, yummy dry rub, sure we’ll employ that soon. He’d hoped to indulge in the food truck offerings, but they were backed up with orders. Good thing the area is filled with ton of restaurants. We went to a sub shop around the corner and had great CHEAP chili dawgs.

I think I’m in the Christmas and craft making spirit now! :0)

2014-11-08-Vintage Market_19edit


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