Found a Snake In My Basement

Well, we’ve lived in our new home about a week and a half at this point (I’ll do a separate post about buying the house as that was a pretty cool journey with God).

Friends very graciously helped us move in the Saturday before last, when asked last minute. They were such amazing workers, moving everything in a flurry to me guiding them to which room. “Guest! Kitchen! Bathroom! Basement!” etc. (So many more incredible people helped, but I was refraining from snapping pictures while they were working so hard. So these are my only two examples).

IMG_6659 IMG_6658

But this past week and a half have led to several interesting moments in home ownership….being freaked out thinking that we were hearing things in the hallway our first night here…only to realize that our used fridge makes a sound like someone dropping stuff when it shuts its cooling cycle down. It has since been named “thumper”

Husband has taken to home ownership quite well, being up on the roofs frequently cleaning out the gutters, and fixing things. One of his biggest fixations has been changing the light bulbs so that we use less wattage to save money. I appreciate this, but I look at him like he’s crazy because I’m all “can we just hang this thing up so I can live?” lol.

2016-02-28 16.01.58 2016-02-21 16.27.40

(I had a cold last week, while adjusting to this new house, not having a routine, and new driving patterns it was a struggle to say the LEAST).

Our adventures tonight take the cake. It began simply enough, husband bought rose food to feed my newly discovered rose bush.

2016-03-01 17.47.30 2016-03-01 17.45.41

Also look at how the daffodils are growing:

2016-03-01 17.27.35

Then, it took a turn. He called out to me. “Hey honey….I think there is a snake in the basement…it might be dead?” *Cue Erin frantically running into the bedroom to grab my camera to snap pictures* I head downstairs to see this tiny, 2-3 foot long snake but maybe half an inch thick snake. It is crinkled up because it is so lethargic. I crept in as close as I dared to snap some pictures, because I’m me.


Meanwhile, husband became inventive, using a curtain rod to try and lift the thing into a giant bucket. It became angry, lifting, opening its mouth, and shaking its tiny little tail at us in defiance. Eventually, husband won, and then took the thing to dump it near the trees. He suspected it was some sort of a rattler, viper based on its actions around us.


IMG_6706 IMG_6705




I looked on the googles, and it does appear that we had a timber rattlesnake living in our basement…and is now living in the woods. Is this a good reason to avoid doing laundry? Also, I may never wear flip flops again in the basement. I think it is safe to say that we live out in the country.

Once I found out how venomous he was I kinda wondered if we should have killed it…but according to the local wildlife authorities, they are important to the ecosystem and don’t tend to hurt people on purpose. I think its kinda like the shark thing. Does that mean that we need to have a Timber Rattler week? Anyways our buddy is named Victor the Viper. If you want to check out our yard and the lovely creek, I’d recommended covered toes (not flip flops/sandals).

EDIT: My step father says that he looks more like a rat snake. I feel better about this. So he is NOT venomous.

2016-02-24 17.20.50

However, right after neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves and brought homemade chocolate turtles because she owns her own candy making business. So, all is right with the world. :0)

2016-03-01 18.25.56

Also we plan on having a fun party -meybe- at the end of this month when our house stops looking like this:

2016-02-23 17.39.55 2016-02-23 17.39.23 2016-02-23 17.39.11 2016-02-23 17.38.58 2016-02-23 17.38.35

So stay posted for more details :0)

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