Focused on the Heart in February


I’m doing monthly resolutions this year (printables found here), and I’m ready to announce my goals for February. The theme is everything surround the “heart”! This means I’m going to focus my attention on my health and my relationships.

Here are the specific goals:


-Seek to encourage my husband more and nurture our relationship by actively praying for him, and planning date nights. We have more time together than when we were first married, but it can be easy to lose focus during our random dinners out. I’ve signed up for Focus on the Family’s Date Night Challenge. We already went on date 1 and it was important for me to have a coach to remind me to “act like I’m trying to get a 2nd date”

-Focus on my relationship with Christ. It is so easy to go on “auto pilot” and coast in my Christian walk. I want to really focus on a relationship, “conversing” during prayer, and taking time to spend quality time with Him in the Bible. During college I used to love to sit outside and spend hours feasting on the Word. I think that’s when I felt the most connected because quality time is MY love language.

-Spending time visiting my parents in FL and AZ this month. I want to be diligent and kind in my conversations with them. Seeking to connect and remind them how I appreciate and love them!

-Being intentional in all of my friendships; seeking to give love instead of focusing on how I feel or receiving love.



-Drink more water. This is easiest when there is a water bottle near me that is always full.

-Make better decisions while out at restaurants…like getting the side salad.

-Planning meals and snacks to include fruits and veggies. One of my current favorites is bell peppers, garden style cream cheese, and triscuits. Yum!

-Excercise 2-3 times a week. Really I should just be jogging that much, and doing another stretching type of routine as well. I have a race in April, so I really need to stop whining about the cold and get out there. Maybe this will be easier to relaunch with the warm weather in Florida.

I also found a new monthly resolution printable site here. I like that this one is small enough to include in my scrapbook later.

Any tips or suggestions on these resolutions? Feel free to post them!

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