Favorite 2015 Unblogged Moments

2015 New Year celebration with the date outlined by colourful fiery sparklers on a dark New Year's Eve night


There is this thing that happens, called life, and I’ve yet to master managing it. Here’s my attempt at catch up with a series called “Favorite 2015 Unblogged Moments” So enjoy these belated recaps with me while we celebrate new beginnings and fresh starts! Cheers!

Watched Otters Play at Maymont – Touring a beautiful estate in Richmond.

Joined the Dance OnStage -That time when I performed in my adult ballerina class.

Celebrated the 71st Anniversary of DDay – at the National memorial.

Marveled at a Lindsey Stirling Concert – Finally getting to see my favorite musician perform live, and this really is the only way to truly experience her talents.

Kissed an Alpaca in Amish Country – I wasn’t able to leave the country, but I was able to visit a different culture in Upstate New York.

Weathered a Hurricane in Outerbanks – Hurricane Joaquin messing up my plans to see the wild ponies for our 6th anniversary.

Experienced a Flamethrower – Our 6th anniversary happenings.

Embraced Penguins in December – I hate the fact that penguins are associated with ice, they DON’t all live in cold areas. But it does mean that penguin stuff becomes more prominent in December, the month of my birthday, so maybe I’ll allow it.

Visited the Mill Mountain Zoo – When there’s free admission the week of your birthday, you check the closest zoo out!

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