Fallen in Love With the Emerald Coast

In February, I took advantage of my post graduation no job status to escape the winter and visit my Dad where he grew up! It would also be my first time EVER in all of my flying experience to fly alone. It was weird to not be keeping track of hordes of high school students and having to keep track of everything for myself.

Florida 2014_544

Florida 2014_543

He showed me around the area in his jeep.

Florida 2014_529

The first day I arrived, you couldn’t see the water at all due to the fog, but soon the clouds passed and the sun shone on the gorgeousness that truly is the emerald color of the water. I took so many pictures (with his Sony DSLR so I didn’t have to pack mine) I was entranced with the clear water!







It was really neat to visit the area he has newly again called home. We visited the Gulfarium where he watched the dolphin shows where he was a kid, and we went on a dolphin boat cruise.

Florida 2014_621 SONY DSC

The best part was visiting with family that I haven’t seen for years.

SONY DSC SONY DSC Florida 2014_540

Hopefully it won’t be another decade before I get to visit the area again.

Florida 2014_633 Florida 2014_632

I even got to spend time with my nephew when my Uncles drove to visit me. I was entertained at how many of the restaurant have drive up docks for boat traffic.

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