Fallen Asleep in Class

Yeah, that was my ‘go to’ answer in the game Never Have I Ever. This (if you’re not remembering your middle school and high school years) is the game played either with fingers or train-wreck versions. The objective is to stay in the game the longest (to not have all of your fingers folded down, or to not be left standing without a seat). This game often degenerated to all the sketchy stuff that people could think of. In my case, I always lost when they listed all of the geeky/academic stuff: falling asleep in class, caring about class, getting A’s, et cetera.
                I wanted to use this for the theme of my blog, because its not really a theme. I’m too random of a person to be limited to a ‘theme’, but I thought it would be nice to have a focal point, something that tied the blog together besides just me yammering on about my life. (Trust me; I don’t need an online blog to do that). So, this blog is a reflection of things that I have done in my life (I’ve gotten to the point where it is hard to think of Never Have I Ever’s) to focus on what God has done with my short life thus far. (Instead of me freaking out wondering what on Earth I’m going to use my degree for, and trying to figure out every single detail of my, and my husband’s lives). Also, it gives me the opportunity to share about things that I have not done, but look forward to doing some day. :0)
                So I look forward to starting this endeavor!

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