Faced My Biggest Driving Fear



There are those moments when you are faced with something, simply based on perspective it could either be your biggest challenge, or your biggest opportunity. Today I was faced with one of those moments.

My husband called me, and said “You are going to hate me.” My first fear was that he was in an accident himself. He says “You have to come get me…and I’m on that road.” He had visited a shop on his lunch break, and had locked his keys in the truck, and needed rescuing.

I googled directions, compared the routes….pretty much all of them involved the highways which I’ve just started driving on again. I could avoid that road, with THAT INTERSECTION altogether…but that route would be longer and more complicated.

I took a deep breath, made a decision, and told my husband that I was on my way.

In the hospital when my friends had visited, I had off offhandedly mentioned how this accident would affect my fears. My friend told me “You are a counselor, you can CBT your way out of that.” So I’ve tried to be careful with the thoughts I’ve had. I tried to be careful about telling myself what I was and wasn’t able to do. In an emergency I knew that I was going to have to believe that I could drive where I needed to be able to drive.

I was nervous, but I was also excited, envisioning how I feel when I accomplished what I set out to do….to drive myself through that very same intersection where my car was smooshed less than 6 months ago. I was slightly shaking, not sure if due to nerves or adrenaline.

God made it really easy for me…each highway merge was without complication…all of the other cars were very far away. I’m so grateful for that. I came up to that intersection, where I’d failed to complete my left before. My goodness it is so much easier when there is not traffic blocking your visibility! I easily crossed the double lanes to turn left. I cheered loudly in my car at this, I’m not ashamed to say.

I even returned home via the highway…and there was more traffic congestion, which was good to practice in. I don’t think my driving anxieties are cured….as I had driving aversion tendencies before that car accident…but God has shown me that I’m more capable than I believe and I don’t need to be afraid. I hope that I always pray that He will guide me, allow me to make the wisest decisions when I travel.

In Jamaica they have some of the highest amounts of traffic collisions each year. These areas are marked with death toll signs to serve as warning. While riding in the van to pick up children from school or to go to Bible study they would each pray that God would guide the vehicle to safety. I want to remember to yield my “auto” and “cruise control tendencies” to Jesus on a daily basis.

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