Explored Manteo in OBX

This year while in the OBX we were able to expand our adventures to Roanoke Island.


First, we went with friends to the North Carolina Aquarium. The little was so adorable, she wanted to take the Curious George stuffed animal that my hubby bought her this trip.



It is a smaller aquarium, but still fun. There are various types of exhibits, from more outdoor oriented environments, to large tanks with sharks.

Husband enjoyed trying to pet the fast swimming sting rays.


I enjoyed watching the little be fascinated by the fish swimming around. She even lucked out with a couple of super cute animals from the gift shop!


Later in the week, husband and I were able to escape and have a date by ourselves, so we decided to scope out the Manteo Waterfront.

I don’t know if it is because I was raised in the tidewater area of Virginia, but I absolutely love any sort of water front, whether it is the ocean, pond, lake, whatever. There’s something special about walking along the docks and hearing the sucking sloshing sound of the water slapping against the pier.

I had a delicious grilled cheese sandwich and chips from Poor Richard’s Sandwich Shop, best one ever!



We wandered around, looking at the art shops, and a book shop. There’s so much more to explore here, including the old settlement, but we could see the ship from across the way.

2014-09-OBX_885 2014-09-OBX_887

We added another light house to our completed list! We visited the small Roanoke Marsh lighthouse. The stairs were roped up, but I was tempted to climb them anyways.


The most entertaining was seeing a sign explicitly stating that the water was contaminated and not to eat fish from the water. Sheesh! But seriously, such an entertaining sign.


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