Explored Etsy

I am a HUGE fan of the internet. I am often saying, “I wonder blah blah blah….let’s google it! or I wonder if I could find blah blah blah…I bet I could find it on the internet.” Even though I remember learning about the internet in elementary school (they actually showed us how to email during our Library period), I cannot imagine living my life without it. (At least on a regular basis, I have lived without it for time periods…but I love the ease of access to information, pictures, people, and products).

So, randomly I have discovered Etsy. I had been on the website before, but today I spent a few hours just browsing and being fascinated with the talents and creativity of people. My mom is an especially crafty person; she has made beautiful daffodil flowers out of soda cans. (I’ll have to either track down a sample or a picture). So I especially appreciate crafty and homemade items.

Here are my fun finds for the day:

This actually started the search. This company started on Etsy but has now moved to thevintagedoctor.com. This dress is also available for $175.00. Cute dress but a little out of my price range.
I also adore traveling, especially journaling about those travels. I would love to have one of these for Italy this summer. I’m tempted to try to make this myself. Found at Kristincrane ‘s Esty shop for $22.00.
I have tons of Barbie stuff (at my mom’s place) and I never thought of this neat use for doll stuff. I’m not sure if I would wear these earrings except for a themed event. But, I like their originality. Found at Shayaaron ‘s Etsy shop for $19.50.
Again, with the maps and the travel and the jewelry :0). I am tempted to try to make these as well. They remind me of another project I’ve done before. I am just not sure how to do the wire wrapping of the pendent. hmmm. Found at Sherrytruitt ‘s Etsy shop for $32.00.
And one of my new loves…firearms. I have seen other firearm casing jewelry before. My husband just started reloading ammunition…so this is another project that I am tempted to try myself. I’m wondering if he wouldn’t mind if I steal *cough* borrow some casings. Found at ArtifactsNrelics ‘ Etsy shop for $35.00.

Feel free to tell me about some of your amazing Etsy or Internet finds!

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