Experienced a Flamethrower

Another “Favorite Unblogged Moment of 2015”

When our anniversary plans were altered at the Outerbanks because of Hurricane Joaquin, we did a small outing together, but decided to post pone our celebration.

Locally there is a large tank museum that we’ve wanted to see, and husby shared that the weekend we planned to celebrate our 6th anniversary, they were doing a flamethrower demonstration. At first I hesitated, daydreaming about a romantic fall venture complete with facebook profile picture worthy photo shoot, but then I realized that likely husband would have the most fun watch the flame throwers, and I was going to enjoy best whatever he was actually interested in, as I obtain so much of my energy from authentic enjoyment. But that is what marriage is about, right, compromise?


The museum’s controlled attitude was a surprise, as we laughed at all of the signs and that the flash of my camera would hurt the tanks, but embraced our adventure.


IMG_5390 IMG_5378 IMG_5336

We watched the flamethrower demonstration, and it was sobering to think of its use in war.


IMG_5368 IMG_5359

Our adorable anniversary photo? Totally on a tank. Didn’t you know the 6th anniversary is customarily tanks?



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