Entered the Final Quarter of Internship

keepcalmandcounselon It’s been awhile since I posted about my internship progress, some of it was due to wanting to avoid ethical entanglements, making sure I wasn’t actually discussing my clients, etc.

Now, I’m in final quarter of my final semester of internship…I can’t believe I’m at this point! Here are the stats: 191.25 F2F, 24.5 Individual Supervision, 22.75 Group Supervision, 401.25 Related Activities hours for a grand total of 639.75!! In total we are supposed to have 600 hours, but its about getting the “right” 600 hours. At this point I need 48.75 face to face hours left (9.5 of which can be observations) to reach by Dec. 14th. It’ll still be close, but I’m averaging more like 7-10 hours per week now.

Entering this last stretch is cause for reflection at the rest of the journey. Beginning my 3rd semester placed me in the role of Office Manager again unexpectedly…but I felt more confident in that position. Oddly, I liked the symmetry at beginning and ending my internship in the same way. One of the biggest difficulties in my internship has been the problem of “no shows.” Due to having fewer of my own clients I participated more in cotherapy. This meant that I was able to see other types of therapies: family therapy, EMDR, play therapy, premarital and other styles of doing therapy.

Counseling is teased as a “social non serious science” but in my opinion that makes it more challenging! Gravity and other physical laws will always behave in those ways, whereas each depressed person will respond differently to the same technique! Cotherapy has been an enriching experience that I’m grateful for, as I know many others are unable to sample such variety of counseling.

At this point I can confidently say that I know that I click in counseling. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to be Jesus to these people as they go through trials in their lives, and hoping to help them develop coping skills. As difficult, challenging, and infuriating as aspects of being a counselor can be, I know that I was made to do this.

I know that I want to pursue residency to obtain licensure to open more doors in the future. I have no idea where this will be, but I know that God will show me in His time. At this point I’m focusing on 240 hours, going to veg the last two weeks of December. Then, in January I’ll figure out my “next steps.”

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