Enrolled In a Graduate-Level Intensive Class

Intensive: A class taught in a one-week format, usually from 8:15 am till 4:30 pm (with a few breaks in between) with assignments before and after the class ends.

Class: COUN 610 – Human Sexuality

Program: Masters in Professional Counseling (60 Hrs)

This is my first intensive! I took one in my undergraduate career, and I really enjoyed it…especially when being on my laptop and planning my wedding went with the class theme of “Marriage and Family” ;0) This class, however, I have not been tempted or bored enough to search the web or keep  up with work. My program consists of 5 classes that I have to take on campus instead of the online format. Being in class today, hearing guest lecturers, and participating in class discussions made me realize how much I miss residential class interaction. I am an academic nerd and am fully willing to admit it. So I, like a crazy tourist in a foreign country, took random pictures to share (and record) my experience!

So this may be the abuse that my reference books receive after being used as sources to write a paper :-/

My day started finishing a paper for a class that had just ended, and finishing other pre-class assignments. I stayed up till 1 am ish, until I realized that my paper was not going to be stretched from 13 pages to 15 pages and turned it in as is. (Unfortunately). I awoke early to get to class and get a decent parking space.

No, I was not the first person to arrive to class. I was officially the 2nd.  Though…that is my stuff in the front row. I won’t deny my nerdiness.
My class started at 8:15 am…I was a little early.
Extension cords, and power strips are a MUST for these classes!
Free Snacks! (Besides the fact this actually comes from tuition and fees) This snack and coffee buffet continued for two more tables and include all types of snacks and event fruit for the health conscious.

Then, they served us a free lunch for listening to propaganda for Liberty in the reconstructed football stadium. I had actually never visited that side of the stadium in person, tending to avoid campus during busy events like football games.

The outdoor patio, to which the doors were locked :0(
Free catered lunch from Charley’s (again not really free, earned by listening to propaganda and  through tuition fees). Funny story about said lunch…My professor was in the buffet line behind me. I used the serving spoon to get the vegetables, and neglected to force it back in and balance it. It fell out onto his shoe. He just laughed and accused me of throwing things at him.

After lunch, we had the privileged of skyping with the author of one of our textbooks. He spoke about a few things and then opened up the floor for Q & A.

Such a cool way to use technology. The prof (Dr. John Thomas) is in the front on the cell phone because technology was being demon possessed at first (which, when husband heard, he rushed to class to fix it, but just as he got there Dr. Thomas figured it out. My man still gets points for being selfless and gallantly rescuing my education experience.
It is beyond cool to me that I was able to ask the author of this book a specific question I had while reading his book and studying the material!
Front cover of said textbook

Another activity we participated in was writing down all of the slang words we could think of for certain sexual topics. My group’s word was “Breast” I’ll admit, we had it pretty easy. Other topics included: Oral sex, Intercourse sex, Penis, Vagina, Masturbation, and Buttocks. I’ll admit, it was actually a fun project because I don’t use words like that, and it was neat to reflect on the slang terms.

I’m sorry if that makes any of you feel uncomfortable. The purpose of the assignment is not advocacy in the use of any of those words, however as future counselors we need to be able to “not flinch” when a client may be using one of those terms.

We also heard from a live guest lecturer who struggles with same-sex attraction and has AIDs. It was really encouraging to hear his testimony. His name is Jonathan Ervin and if you’re interested I suggest you visit his website click here or read his book “The Secret Place” (I have not yet read it, this review is based on the Prof’s recommendation)

So far taking this class has definitely reaffirmed my interest in relationships and marriage counseling. (Though I still have no idea what God is leading me to do….my experience in this class may just be helpful to instill an educated Christian understanding through sex education to teens). It is so sad to see how the Church has really dropped the ball in explaining the beauty of sex that God designed. (If you do not believe that He made sex for enjoyment…please go read Song of Solomon and learn more about female anatomy). Instead, the Church has separated the physical act from the spiritual one, much like the world and media have separated the spiritual act from the physical one. We need to arrive at understanding that sex involves the soul, body, and spirit. I’m looking forward to the rest of the classes, we will be having other guest lectures and skype video calls, while learning tons of important information!

Note: There are a lot of blogs that I have yet to post still from Christmas Break! and early this Year!! Hopefully I’ll be able to take the time to share them all soon.

God Bless :0)

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