Enjoyed the Cold

I hate being cold. My arms and especially feet have this annoying habit of absorbing a chill even when there isn’t one. I love the Fall leaves, the bright beautiful flame like bursts on the mountainside…but I hate the cold that means that Winter is arriving, and that Summer and flip flops are officially over.  :0(.
I am sitting here sipping my first hot cocoa of the season, watching Gilmore Girls (for the bazillionth time) and the hot cocoa’s warmth makes me realize how cold I’ve been. This isn’t looking good. The cold has also meant that my birthday could never be celebrated outside. My birthday, despite it being the first week of December, always had to compete with Christmas Parades, Christmas Cantatas, and Christmas parties. My friends were usually in these events, or else I’d be involved in these events while the birthday was forgotten. And unfortunately my personality type means that I adore attention. Maybe it’ll be different this year. *shrugs*
Hopefully it won’t snow as badly as it did last year. Though, Daisy did have tons of fun hopping through the snow!
This might have been after James had thrown a snowball at her…I don’t think Daisy was happy about that…

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