Eaten at Stikfire Grill

Last Sunday a friend my group had lived college with was going to be in town viewing a theatre production, so we planned a group hang out. I suggested this restaurant “Stikfire” which I kept hearing great reviews about, but had never gotten around to visiting. I was looking forward to eating “food on a stik” wondering if it would be like Chicken satay from Thailand or a Brazilian Steakhouse.

After church we drive to the restaurant and we see the lot empty, the blinds down, and this sign:


I had finally decided to go, and its CLOSED???!!!

That would happen to me.

So, after some quick thinking we decided to eat at a local Indian restaurant…which I had never actually eaten Indian. I was hesitant at first, because I don’t really enjoy eating spicy foods. In Thailand the curry and other spices got to me, and I got sick of rice so I actually kind of stopped eating (Note: I do NOT recommend that).

I pretended I was overseas and tried a little bit of everything. I LOVED it! It was a tangy spicy, but easily overcome with neutral tastes like rice, vegetables, and yummy pita like bread.  I went back for seconds (it was a buffet). That day consisted of great conversation, great friends, and great food. I definitely plan to return (maybe on a date night with the Husband).

Plus– Fun fact: It was the end of the missions conference at the church I attend. During that time they encouraged everyone with international clothing to wear it. So, I had decided to wear my reddish pink dress from Thailand with elephants on it. I felt that was pretty fitting for eating Indian food.

Indian food is now one of my new favorites!

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