Eaten at Outback Steakhouse

A few months ago, my husband was doing a firearm training event with some friends. After the shooting and training event, a few of them were mentioning wanting to eat and thinking about steak. The idea came about to go to Outback Steakhouse. I love steaks, so I think its really weird that I was 23 and neither my husband or  I eaten at this restaurant.

Enter, the picture taking freak :0) (And I was also playing with the “theme mode:food” on my camera. It lets you adjust the color so I guess the picture ends up looking normal. And, for the record, the fact that there is a “food theme” on my camera means that I am definitely not the only person who likes to take pictures of what I eat.

The Blooming Onion. I have heard people rant and rave about this dish. I was not disappointed.
For the record, this is really weird looking bread. But still very yummy.
My steak!

Speaking of steak, I just thought of an interesting story. I am a girl who tends to surprise waiters and waitresses with her food choices. I have led my life to believe that my goal is to make up for all of the girls who “do not” eat. (Lately with my more sedentary life style this has become more of a problem…but thats another blog). One time back home, I was at Apple Bee’s with a longtime practically older brother, friend. We were going out to eat. We placed our orders, and when the food was brought out to us, they tried giving him my order of steak with loaded fries and giving me his lean pasta and salad combo. He had been a waiter a few times, and he said that often waiters will try to guess what their guests will order. My friend said that I probably completely surprised his expectations of what I would order, hence the mix up when the waiter brought out our food.

For the record…if you’re hungry reading’re not alone. *plans to convince husband to take her on a yummy date soon*

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