Eaten at Chipotle in the Burg

         Over the past year getting a Chipotle in the ‘burg has been the stuff of rumors, but slowly this summer we have seen those rumors come to fruition. People here know that the only thing to really do in this city is eat food and see movies, so of course this has been a highly mentioned topic. Earlier this summer there was a fit on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook when people drove by and the actual “Chipotle” sign was installed. Throughout the hype husband and I have been like “eh.” We’ve been to Chipotle a few times, but it isn’t our favorite type of food.

           However, the other day a friend announced on facebook that he had some tickets to eat at the pre-opening event, so of course I mentioned we’d take some of his hands. Who wouldn’t want free food and the chance to say I got to eat at a place that wasn’t technically open yet? ;0) It would also be a great opportunity to be one of the first people (likely) to open carry there.

           So we went for dinner, we went early and there were not many people there. The line was very quick. Some of the staff seemed a little nervous, but everyone did a great job and was very courteous. Husband was still wondering what all of the hype was about. He noticed the sign about “Food with Integrity” and he discovered from our friend that the chicken I’d been eating was killed only a week ago, its never microwaved or frozen. He asked another employee, mostly because I think he wanted to see if they’d get nervous/squirm. They said that basically Chipotle wants to raise the bar on fast food, and has integrity based on their high quality ingredients. They never freeze or nuke their foods, they purchase meat that is raised locally instead of mass produced, and this meat is never given antibiotics or anything like that. We found out that a lot of the meat used at this location comes from Suffolk.

       Its an interesting fact, I never knew any of that before. Husband wouldn’t necessarily care about any of that though, he says he’d still purchase food from whichever was cheapest. He does however agree with me that there is a difference that you can taste. I feel like we’ll eat there, it won’t just be our new favorite since Mexican isn’t our favorite anyways.

     We hung out for awhile, as we were joined by the friend that gave us our tickets. We ended up sitting at the booths looking out the front of the restaurant. We people watched as the staff would call out to prospective customers to ask if they had one of the special tickets. Many people had seen people coming in and out of the store so they just assumed that it was open. My “S” (think DISC personality styles) side felt sooo bad for everyone who got rejected. However, it was also kind of funny to watch people walk up and try to guess if they had tickets or not. The conversations between these people and the staff out front was dubbed in by my funny husband.

   So, in the end, there is a new restaurant in the ‘burg; this city just got that much more exciting. And, this happened just before all of the students got back!  I know this is a small update…and I’m behind several posts from our adventures this summer so be looking for those soon!

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